Jan Böhmermann: He is on "reconstruction" in 2019

Jan Böhmermann
(37, "I Have Police") moves in early 2019 together with Radio Dance Orchestra Ehrenfeld (RTO) at the concert stages in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Entertainment versatile goes "to a major reconstruction across Europe," says the press release.

Böhmermann promises great things in the Ehrenfeld ist allen tour statement: "The Ehrenfeld Radio Dance Orchestra and I want to unite with our big tour in 2019, heal wounds and build bridges." What can concert players expect? "We pick people from where we are, we manage them all night and leave them completely confused, exhausted, but happy where we pick them up," jokes the satirist and the presenter.

From Cologne to Saarbrücken

The tour begins in Cologne on January 22, 2019, but the show is already sold out – as well as the planned performance on January 26 in Berlin. January 27 Böhmermann launches another show in the capital. Other touring stops include Bielefeld, Leipzig, Hamburg, Bremen, Mannheim, Zurich and Vienna, before the tour ends on February 9 with the Saarbrücken exhibition. A total of 15 concerts are planned.

Also on Tuesday was a live recording of Böhmermann and Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld, which might be interested in attending one of the concerts.

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