Kardashian Family: Kim and Kanye House Threatens Fire – People

Californian fires are still spreading!

So far at least five people have died. They were found dead in their burned vehicles after they tried to escape the flames. Due to the severe burn injury, identification is not yet possible.

And there is no end at the end. Conversely, fires continue to spread. Currently, Malibu is evacuated, motorways and motorways around areas of burning are blocked.

Pictures on US television show that the flames are kneeling one house after another. Even in front of celebrity houses, they will not stop.

Caitlyn Jenner's house was already burned. And as the American celebrity portal "TMZ" said, the flames are already in Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian West, her family and the entire security team were evacuated, as reported by TMZ. Flames should come closer to the house.

The huge estate of both was completed this year.

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Photo: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

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Picture from the story of Instagram Kim KardashianPhoto: Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim wrote in her story, Instagram, about the fiery image of her homeland: "Pray for Calabasas, I just came back home and had to prepare for an evacuation of our house within one hour, and I hope everyone is safe."

Other personalities are affected

Fire also threatened actress Alyssa Milano. Not only had to evacuate himself and his children, but also their animals. Among them were 5 horses, as she wrote on Twitter. Now everyone should be safe – at least "everyone with a pulse".

Authorities recommend walking around the seaside town of Malibu, known for its elegant villas and beaches. Many artists live. The city had to be partially evacuated.

This statement covers the entire area south of Highway 101 between Ventura County and Malibu Canyon, and also covers parts of a small town west of Los Angeles, announced the city on Friday morning (local time) on its website. Highway 101 is closed due to the so-called Woolsey fire in large parts in both directions.

The fire broke out on Thursday morning (local time) and spread rapidly. On Friday morning, the firefighters were able to contain up to five percent, as reported by the California government. "This is a very dangerous fire," wrote Fire Authority CalFire on Twitter.

People from other parts of the state also reported desperate search for relatives, burned houses and closed motorways. The Pacific Motorway, one of California's main avenues, was closed between Topanga Canyon and Decker Canyon.

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