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LASK fought in Graz from 3: 2

LASK has fought its way from low Graz. 3: 2

Thomas Goiginger screamed 3: 2 from the frustration of the past weeks. Image: APA

LASK fought in Graz from 3: 2

Graz. Bundesliga: Sturm goalkeeper Siebenhandl helped Linzern with Riesenpatzer at 2: 2.

Günther Mayrhofer,

April 29, 2019 – 00:04

"I look forward to being brutal," said Thomas Goiginger. When you cheer his 3: 2 in the Bundesliga against Sturm Graz, you have felt the whole LASK relief after the last five competitive games without victory. Goinginger: "I'm so happy I could help the team."

Wolfsberg put pressure on the athlete before the kickoff with 2-1 win against Salzburg and reduced the gap to three points before a direct duel on Sunday. That's why his team started nervously, as LASK Glasner said. "You will notice this when players are constantly watching the phone."

Tetteh missed 1: 0 after 78 seconds, and Wiesinger caught a knee around the corner (19). But then the same mistakes were made at 1: 2 on Wednesday against Sturm: Referee Grobelnik had to play in Graz in an attack on Kiteishvili on Tetteh, then he didn't direct LASK to slow down the counterattack. Ullmanns Rettungstat fell Hierländer in front of his feet, which met from 24 meters to 1: 1 (30). Seconds before the break, a long pass from Maresic was enough: Wiesinger lost the fight with the Hierländer, Pink took care of 2-1 (45 & # 39;).

Correct answer after break

"It took some brighter words during the break," Glasner said. The team answered and stood up. An unbelievable mistake made Siebenhandl athletes by balancing the goalkeeper, keeping him 30 meters. 233 seconds later, Siebenhandl had no chance for Goiginger's shot. It didn't matter anymore that Tetteh only hit the pole (71 & # 39;) and missed Trauner (80 & # 39;).

"We will return to such a situation far from Sturm Graz – a great compliment to my team," said Glasner, at the same time relieved and proud. LASK can win again – and leads with a six-point lead in the duel against Wolfsberg in second place.

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