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Mario triumphs and wins 50,000 euros

"Biggest Loser 2019" is called Mario! In Sat.1's Weight Loss Show (Season 11), which aims to lose as much pounds as possible, more than 100 kilograms have lost great triumph since February.

Here you can find out who stayed in the race for a long time winning bonus and what happened in each episode.

Candidates were officially announced in the first episode. Of the 50 applicants, only 18 were able to get to the Andalusian camp.


The rules state that the one who lands on the top of the winner is the one who has lost the most in percentage of their initial weight.

Julian (26, from Werl / North Rhine-Westphalia): The football coach managed to move the Libra pointer to the semi-final of 169.1 kg to 107.2 kg.

Mario (39, from Großweitzschen / Saxony): The family man lost a life-threatening 196.1 kg that he brought at the start of the weight loss competition, when the semi-finals were already 73.8 kg.

Melanie (41, from Bingen am Rhein / Rhineland-Palatinate): Melanie's double mother weighed 130.6 kg – weighing 79.8 kg for the semi-finals.

Michael (49, from Recklinghausen / North Rhine-Westphalia): Michael, who stood at his initial weight of 151.1 kilograms, led his overweight son.

All candidates at a glance: Who's out there, who's next?

SAT.1 exhibition

Largest Loser 2019: All Candidates

19 photos

Team Pink (Trainer Mareike Spalek):

  • Mario, 39 years old, entrepreneur, Jeßnitz, 196.1 kg (initial weight) – Winners !!!
  • Michael, 48 years old, Polier, Recklinghausen, 151.1 kg – in the finals!
  • Kira, 24 years old, singer, 173 kilograms after week 2!
  • Constanze, 36 years, 130.8 kg – after week 3 (health reasons)!
  • Alina (replacement for Constanze), 18 years old, medic, 121.6 kg after week 5!
  • Anna-Lena, 23, student, Mönchengladbach, 144.4 kg after week 5!
  • René, 35 years, 169.6 kg – after week 7!
  • Flo, 24 years, dispatcher, Burbach, 167.9 kg – out after week 8!
  • Annika, 28 years old, veterinary assistant, driving jug, 121.4 kg – out after week 10!
  • Jenny, 28 years old, herbalist, 138 kilograms – in the semi!

Team Gasoline (Ramin Abtin):

  • Julian, 26 years old, student, Werl, 169.1 kg – 2nd place in the finals!
  • Melanie, 41 years old, babysitter, Bingen, 130.6 kg – in the finals!
  • Linda, 25 years old, salesman, Dresden, 132.3 kilograms after week 1!
  • Daniel, 29 years, bus driver, 187.1 kg (initial weight) – after week 3 (health reasons)!
  • Ole, 29 years old, clerk, Elmshorn, 171,6 kg – after week 3!
  • Pia, 29 years old, mother, sword, 114.1 kg – after week 4!
  • Tanja, 37 years old, HR manager, Karlsruhe, 127.9 kg after week 4!
  • Jens-Patric, 22 years old, intern, 176.8 kilograms after week 6!
  • Ercan, 27 years old, champion of motor vehicles, 149.8 kg – out after week 10!

Coach on

Coach at "The Biggest Loser" t

Mareike Spaleck: fitness queen and model

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Consequences in the overview

April 13th (Finale): Through live broadcasting, Matthias Killing leads Christine Theiss, head of camp. First, all Andalucia camp candidates are called to the final. Stylized and much lighter, former candidates enter the stage and consistently look better when facing their old "last". Fascinating results always make studio audiences angry.

Dear non-finalists for the dream holiday:

Tanja: 70.5 kg (-57.4 kg)
78.5 kg (-59.5 kg)
92.2 kg (-57.6 kg)
75.3 kg (-38.8 kg)
82.8 kg (-38.6 kg)
alina: 87.3 kg (-34.3 kg)
Ole: 126.7 kg (-44.9 kg)
Linda: 106.4 kg (-25.9 kg)
Constance: 101.5 kg (-29.3 kg)
Only with: 134.9 kg (-41.9 kg)
Kira: 156.4 kg (-16.6 kg)
flo: 129 kilograms (-38.9 kg)

The decision with four finalists follows in the second part of the exhibition. Change Michael, Melanie, Mario and Julian is even bigger.

50,000 Dear Finalists:

  1. Mario: 94.7 kg (-101.4 kg) – 51.71% weight loss!
  2. Julian: 83.1 kg (-86.0 kg) – 50.86% weight loss!
  3. Michael: 75.6 kg (-75.5 kg) – 49.97% weight loss!
  4. Melanie: 68.7 kg (-61.9 kg) – 47.40% weight loss!

April 12 Episode 21 (Semifinal): There are still two challenges on the way to the final. The first challenge has three weight bonuses: 1 kilogram, 750 grams and 500 grams. He goes to a course with criminal loops. Mario is the fifth, Melanie is the fourth, both go empty. Jenny's third place is 500 grams. In the final, Julian wins against Michael and gets a kilo bonus. Michael can take 750 grams.

This follows the last challenge "The Bigest Loser 2019" and it goes up high. 500, 1000 and 1500 grams can be ripped off if you have climbing on a slope with blocks. Julian wins with some sovereignty and regains a big bonus. The second and third places go to Maria and Michael.

This results in the following semi-final balance Total bonuses:
1st Julian: 2.5 kg
2. Michael: 1.25
Mario: 1 kg
4. Jenny: 0.5 kg
5. Melanie: 0 kg

Final weighing:
Michael: 151.1 kg (initial weight), 90.6 kg (current weight), 60.5 kg (reduced)
Melanie: 130.6 kg, 79.8 kg, 50.8 kg
Jenny: 138.0 kg, 86.1 kg, 51.9 kg
Julian: 169.1 kg, 107.2 kg, 61.9 kg
Mario: 196.1 kg, 122.3 kg, 73.8 kg

Then the bonuses come in and then the weight loss percentage is calculated. One has to go:

Largest Loser 2019 weighs semi-final - image / jpeg result

It is: Jenny

In the final stand: Michael, Melanie, Mario, Julian

April 11th: In addition, seven candidates start. They must prove that they can cope with "normal" life. It's not just the semi-finals because the remaining candidates are no longer sweating on the beach in Andalusia. They return to their homeland and thus to their everyday life. Joy is initially great when Mario (196.1 kg initial weight), Michael (151.1), Annika (121.4), Jenny (138), Ercan (149.8), Julian (169.1) and Melanie (130.6) rings much thinner on its own door.

All candidates meet six weeks after returning to winter Austria. They had no contact with each other. Not only that is why excitement is great. But before they meet again, seven candidates are stylized by stylists. The results are really incredible, candidates are barely recognizable.

    Bereavement in "The Bigest Loser": Father dies shortly before his son Ercan returns

Bereavement in "Biggest Loser"

Father dies shortly before Ercan's son returns

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But the sad news is: Ercan's father Murat died at the age of 65 after a long illness. A heavy blow, but a 27-year-old wants to be motivated to continue to lose weight.

The meeting ends with a harsh message: Two candidates must at least paint sails. There is also a new contest: an online candidate who can now reach the final. So in theory, three camp candidates can fly because there are five candidates in the semifinal. Everything now depends on the first weighing six weeks after returning from camp.

Largest Loser 2019 weighs semi-final - image / jpeg result

Result: Ercan and Annika The bottom line is sixth and seventh. They are outside! Mario lands in fifth place, which now rips. Because the online Christian candidate is on scales. Despite strong results, it is not enough to beat Mario, who will move to the final.

Semifinalists: Mario, Julian, Melanie, Jenny and Michael.

April 7th: Continue in orphaned mode. Seven candidates have to fight for the semifinals. It starts with a bungee jump – from a 30-meter-deep bridge. Who jumps gets a 500 gram bonus. Jumps: Annika, Michael, Julian, Jenny, Melanie and Ercan. Only Mario doesn't dare.

This follows the challenge. Everyone has to carry so much weight in the form of oranges on the mountain, as he has so far taken in the camp. First weight bonus: 1.5 kilograms! The runner still has 1 kg, the third still 500 grams. Annika ensures victory. Second place goes to Ercan, third place is secured by Julian. It is an honor for the other four candidates.

It is the last challenge in Andalusia. Mario must weigh without a weight bonus, but can get 6.5 kg. He comes to the semifinals. Below the line are Julian and Ercan. No one has to go the same. Camp chief marries Christine Theiss all to semifinal to Austria. Reason: The results of this week were too good.

March 9th: The remaining candidates are now in a lone combat mode. In the first call, wooden stumps must be excavated and taken to the mountain. Winner wins one kilogram bonus. Eventually, Jenny wins the unseen.

Another competition is about immunity. Say, the winner is on the scale and can't fly. But what do they have to do? You should eat marshmellows! It sounds ridiculous, but it has to protect a candidate who has so much confidence that he voluntarily consumes sugar and fat. Only Ercan and Julian get to him. Ercan eats seven, Julian wins ten and will be there next week. But he can't rejoice, followed by his coach's storm, Ramin Abtin.

Dear Sirs: Julian is immune. For others, it is again a loss of at least a percent. Despite marshmellows, Ercan has 3.6 kg and will definitely continue. Jenny loses only 800 grams because he doesn't save the bonus. But Flo is also under the yellow line of the two worst "customers." The group decides tactically and chooses allegedly stronger Flo out!

March 8th: In Eighth Episode, candidates are first divided by team bosses into three triplets: t

  • Melanie, Mario and Flo
  • Annika, Michael and Julian
  • Jenny, René and Ercan

René and Ercan are not satisfied with the classification – they both make no secret to not be the best friends. Ercan receives sad news from his homeland: his father is in a coma (here background). The 27-year-old is leaving to be with his family. However, coach Ramin Abtin gives him the opportunity to return to camp. Another big surprise the next day: Ercan returns to the camp and is welcomed with open arms. Reason for return: Ercan promised his father to lose weight and his father wished he would return to camp.

On the beach, their candidates are asked by their coaches to write a letter to their future self with an emotional promise – they all handle the task of flying colors and can once again realize how important their health is to you and their weight loss, then proceed with another sports unit. Then three quiz teams compete: Michael, Annika, and Julian win and receive kickboxing reward with Dr. Ing. Christine Theiss, who sweats a lot of her.

The next challenge is waiting for candidates the next day, and that is important because the winning team will receive a two-kilometer bonus for another weight. In the end, Jenny, Ercan and René will win and secure a great balance advantage. René lost only two kilograms. "Team Jenny" lost weight – even if they had two pounds of bonus.

Progress is decided by the individual customer result: René he lost the least and must pack his bags.

March 7th: The storage roller is retracted. The loser finds the winner stupid, the winners don't understand the losers. Teams are formed at the beginning of the week! Melanie and Jenny can appoint teams. In the team competition, each of them draws 30 tons. Mario, Annika, Rene, Michael and Jenny win and win a 1.5 kg bonus weight. In fact, he decides later to consider. So, Ercan and Jens land under the line. The team decides Only with has to go!

Episode 6: March 10: For the first time, the duo does not speak to each other, but to each other. In the Challenge, a competitor must kick a hill (women 60, 80 and 100 kilograms / men 80, 100 and 120 kilograms) to a 700-foot mountain. Duel winners will receive 500 grams of weight bonus.

  1. Duel: Jenny (with the best time!Mario Strikes
  2. Duel: Julian defeats Melanie
  3. Duel: Alina defeats Michael
  4. Duel: Anika defeats Flo
  5. Duel: René defeats Anne-Len
  6. Duel: Ercan defeats Jens

But just weighing again brings the truth: Six winners (Jenny, Julian, Michael, Flo, René and Ercan) will continue automatically. Two of the losers must travel home: Alina and Anna-Lena!

Largest Loser 2019 - image / jpeg

March 5th: Jens caught the gastrointestinal virus at the beginning of the week, including the suffering of all the challenges. Meanwhile, Jenny and Mario have secured a bonus of 500 grams. We appreciate the results, but also the shock. Candidate increased: PiaThis week had a 29 year old home, which could be the reason. As a result he has a team Tanja they have no chance, they have to go. Flo and Anika must live in a tent as the penultimate week.

Episode 4, February 24: There's a sad message right from the start: Constanze has to stop for health reasons, a little later Daniel stops working. Constanze is replaced by Carina, there is no substitute for Daniel. He continues to pair, but Pia has to train alone without Daniel. Julian and Melanie will be challenged with a half-kilometer bonus that will save them later. When weighing Tanja and Ole have at least a percentage of weight loss and have to leave the camp after voting. But since Daniel had to leave for health reasons, Tanja can stay. only Ole they must start their journey home.

February 17th episode: Training is harder, some candidates have problems with motivation. In a small team challenge Team Pink gets into the pool and wins the foot massage. Also in the Big Challenge, the Rise and Water Slide course, Team Pink cannot be defeated and will receive a 1.5 kg bonus as in the previous week. This time, the Petrol team wins the weight. And after just 1.4 pounds of weight loss must Kira go.

Sat.1 show "Biggest losers": thrombosis and heart! Constanze and Daniel must leave the camp

Sat.1 Show "Largest Loser"

Thrombosis and Heart! Constanze and Daniel must leave the camp

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February 2 episode: Pure luxury in Andalusia: 18 people interested in beautiful fince with pool. But where is the catch? That will be clear. From now on, there is training and there are no longer all tasty foods from everyday life. And then there's the first challenge (winning the Pink team with a 1.5 kg bonus) and weighing: Mario was the hardest on the start and loses 17.6 kg in the first week – a new record at this show season! And his team is at the end, but only because of the Challenge bonus, the nose forward. The Petrol team must say goodbye to the first candidate. Out is: Linda!

Largest Loser 2019 - image / jpeg

February 1 episode: In the Munich Olympic Stadium, 50 applicants must complete their first exercise. The coaching team wants to find out if they are serious. The soul of the candidates is reflected in the realm of truth. Tears flow, many applicants and applicants disgust and do not want to watch. The second day mental test involves jumping from seven meters to an air cushion. Finally, the coaching team identified 18 candidates who are allowed to go to Andalusia.

What is the concept of the program?

With The Bigest Loser, candidates must try to lose as much as possible through exercise programs and nutritional changes. In addition, bets can be beneficial for weekly weighing. Of the 50 candidates, 18 move to a weight loss camp in Andalusia. To do this, potential candidates must show what they are capable of and how they are motivated for two days. But this challenge is a huge obstacle for some of them. Coaches follow the candidates carefully and then decide who deserves a place on their team.

Who are the coaches?

Ex-Kickbox World Champion Ing. Christine Theiss, fitness expert Ramin Abtin and fitness trainer Mareike Spaleck will have candidates at their borders.

Back pain, overweight, high blood pressure: Study: Too many Germans live unhealthy

Back pain, overweight, high blood pressure

Study: Too many Germans are unhealthy

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What are the broadcast terms?

From February 3, you can not only watch the latest episodes of "The Biggest Loser" on SAT on Sunday. Watch 1 on TV but also online for free. Here you can see the current episode and emotional highlight every week. A total of 13 episodes include the new season. Anyone who eventually earns 50,000 euros can be seen in the grand finale.

First Broadcast TV Data:

  • First episode: Sunday, 3 February: 16:30 (Sat.1)
  • Second episode: Sunday, February 10, 5:45 pm (Sat.1)
  • Episode 3: Sunday, 17 February, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 4: Sunday, 24 February, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 5: Sunday, 3 March, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 6: Sunday, 10 March, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 7: Sunday, 17 March, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 8: Sunday, 24 March, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 9: Sunday, 31 March, 17:45 (Sat.1)
  • Episode 10: Sunday, April 7, 5:50 pm (Sat.1)
  • Episode 11: Sunday, April 14, 5:50 pm (Sat.1)
  • Episode 12 (Semifinal): Sunday, April 21, 5:45 pm (Sat.1)
  • Episode 13 (Final): Sunday, April 28, 20.45 (Saturday)

When and where: The Biggest Loser 2019 final?

The 11th season finals took place at Sunday, April 28, 2019, at 8:15 pm in SAT.1, Repetition gives up SAT.1 Gold on Thursday, May 2, 2019 also at 20:15, Exhibition Prime Minister Moderates Dr. Ing. Christine Theiss and Matthias Killing, which most viewers will probably recognize from the Sat.1 breakfast television. The current "Bigest Loser" season has reached record levels of up to 15.2 percent among 14- to 49-year-olds.

When did shooting start in the eleventh season?

Filming of 13 new episodes began in September 2018, according to Ex-Kickboxing World Champion Christine Theiss again as team leader.

Who won so far?

Last year's winner Saki managed to break 94.5 of his original 189.6 kilograms and thus secured a bonus of 50,000 euros. All winners at a glance:

  • Season 1 (2009): Victor Enrico lost 96.6 kg and thus 50.4% of his initial weight.
  • Season 2 (2010): Winner Heino lost 60.4 kg and thus 40.8% of his initial weight.
  • 3rd year (2011): Carlo winner lost 59 kg and thus 40.5% of his initial weight.
  • Season 4 (2012): Victor Jack lost 66.1 kg and thus 46.45% of his initial weight.
  • 5th edition (2013): Paride winner lost 63kg and 49.9% of his initial weight.
  • Season 6 (2014): Victor Marc lost 86.3 kg and thus 46.9% of his initial weight.
  • Season 7 (2015): Victor Stefan lost 65.4 kilograms and reduced weight by 45.7%.
  • Season 8 (2016): Ali lost 49.71% of his weight, down 86.4 kg.
  • Season 9 (2017): Alexander's winner lost 53kg and 51.45% of his body weight.
  • Season 10 (2018): Winner Saki lost 94.5 kg originally 189.6 kg.

What were the ratings?

  • Season 1: 1.71 million viewers (ProSieben)
  • Season 2: 1.27 million viewers (wired)
  • Season 3: 1.35 million viewers (wired)
  • Season 4: 1.78 million viewers (Sat.1)
  • 5th year: 2.28 million viewers (Sat.1)
  • Season 6: 1.72 million viewers (Sat.1)
  • Season 7: 1.72 million viewers (Sat.1)
  • Season 8: 1.91 million viewers (Sat.1)
  • Season 9: 2.14 million viewers (Sat.1)

Are there offshoots of format?

Yes, 2014 is being aired with the "Biggest Loser Teens" next season with competitors aged 16 to 20 years. Sieger Erfan of Hanover lost 59.1 kg. On average, 1.35 million viewers watched. In 2013, "Big Stars – Celebrity specken ab" shot but did not do it in the program.

"Loser Biggest" Final: Check Finalists: Who Will Win € 50,000?

Finals on "Biggest Losers"

Checkers Finals: Who will win 50,000 euros?

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Biggest loser in court: scam? He lost 65 kilograms and 50,000 euros

Biggest loser in court

Fraud? He lost 65 kilograms and 50,000 euros

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Probation for Scam: "Largest Loser" winner sentenced to eleven months in prison

Probace for fraud

"Largest Loser" winner sentenced to eleven months in prison

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