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Berlin (dpa) – International stars flirting on the stage and several minor accidents: Celebrities from film, television, music and sports met in Berlin on the 70th anniversary of the Bambi Awards.

"There are data you do not say – even if the firehouse is a fire," says Thomas Gottschalk. With him on stage: an Italian Hollywood diva Sophia Loren (84). Gottschalk deals with what is the theme of the evening: fires in California that also destroyed his villa. "Last week I was an autumn blonde, now I'm stupid," says Gottschalk with Galgenhumor.

At the beginning of the show in the theater performance on Friday night, there will be a miniature disorder: Marie Bäumerová is the first nominee in the "National Actress" category and briefly thinks she won. He walks on the stage and must be disappointed with the laudate of Hein Ferche: "Oh no, you are not yet." Bäumer quickly returned to his place. She can not go back to the podium again. Paula Beer won the award for her role in "Bad Banks".

Be the best international actress Penelope Cruze excellent. The Bambi Trophy is so beautiful, the Spaniard is excited in an interview with the German press agency. Probably award a prize for his Oscar. "After almost 30 years, I still can not believe it's my job. I am deeply grateful," Cruz says later on the stage – and also turned to another great movie wonder in the hall: "Sophia Loren, I love you. me a lot. "

The best national actor is Sebastian Koch. Last time, Bambi gave his mother – but this new man stayed with him in Berlin. The prize for the best series will be awarded to "Babylon Berlin". Luke Mockridge wins the Bambi comedy. Approximately 1000 invited guests are highly pregnant model Eva Padberg and FDP Christian Lindner with girlfriend Frank Lehfeldt.

This year was also a sports prize – despite a minor scandal in the run. First, the stars were Bayern Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben was selected as the winner. But because of Ribery's reluctance against the journalist, the jury will decide. The new winner is Claudio Pizarro. "I thought so much about what to say, but I can only thank – especially to the family," he says with a deer in his arms. For many fans on the Internet, it's clear: "Pizza" is really a winner. The footballer who brought his son becomes the darling of the evening. Still patiently stands at a noon party with many fans and other guests and asks for photos, including Bambi.

Back to Loren a Gottschalk: Two look back at 70 years of Bambi history. Whether Loren now has eight or ten Bambis – he does not know well. Viewers are visibly entertained by a small scene of flirting champions. Loren had previously revealed that she was particularly pleased to meet the German amusement she had met with Bambi.

Loren does not get Bambi tonight, but Gottschalk is waiting for another surprise. American actress Liv Tyler comes to the stage with a golden deer in his arms and gives it to him – because his five prices have been destroyed in the fire. "Oh how cute you recycle," the jokes of the former "betting that …?" – the moderator and then seriously. "It's furious, I've had an original Rilke handwriting in the hallway, it just does not hold me that it's gone."

Besides show legends, the young stars also have a lot of applause. Like Penélope Cruz, British singer Dua Lipa Bambi is particularly beautiful. She won the Best International Singer Award – and sings a bit of hits. Mark Forster is almost ashamed when Lena Gercke praises him as "very sexy." When this year's "Miss Bambi" represents the best national singer, he caught again, "Start with me," smiles Forster.

Almost at the very end of the gala, one of the most important evening awards is awarded. Liselotte Pulver is awarded for her life work. "Laughter of German film history," says one player. The 89-year-old waving cheating to the applauded audience. "It's great that he must be so honored at such an age." Despite one of the longest careers, "Lilo" is probably the shortest show of the evening.

For the 70th anniversary, the festivity took place on a Friday – and not on Thursday, as in previous years – exceptionally. For the benefit of TV viewers, the prize went to second place – behind the series of ZDF series "The Criminalist". 3.48 million people turned on the first at 20.15 hours – a market share of 12.3 percent.


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