Micaela Schäfer is naked on Maturaball in Wels

Upper Austria. "Again we will do Matura Ball Great Again" – under that slogan (which should deliberately pull out Trump's famous motto over cocoa) was held in Welsh HTL-Maturaball and caused the Ball Committee to make a seemingly good plan for furov and subtitles. The reason: the uncovered look of the erotic model and the music celebrity Micaela Schäfer. As mentioned, the school's director did not find DJane Strip funny: "Something like that will never happen again."

The Provincial School Council was provided with a material presentation – but it can not do anything against the decision of the adult students. One of the organizers, HTL chemistry student Benjamin B. can not prevent (losing) joy in the interview: "I even did not look at naked dance but Sex sells." In fact, there were at least 5,000 visitors to the largest Matura ball in Austria.

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