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Rapid will be against Spartacus Moscow tonight (16.50) and he must win points to keep pace.

05:50, November 29, 2018

Quick coach Didi Kühbauer is invited today with his team in Moscow
Quick coach Didi Kühbauer is invited today with his team in Moscow © GEPA Pictures

Rapid wants to catch again Spartak Moscow. The guest team in Moscow must be a team of coaches Dietmar Kühbauer on Thursday (16.50 CET) to get at least one point to support the opportunity to be promoted in the European Football League. It should be shaking in the Moscow refrigerator, up to ten degrees Celsius.

"We go there as an outsider, but we want to surprise you, we want to take something," Rapid Dietmar Kühbauer told a flight to Vienna on Wednesday. By kidnapping Green White from the Russian metropolis of millions of at least one counter, on December 13, he calls his absolute audience against the Rangers Rangers absolute final for the promotion to the elimination round. "Playing in one place is always associated with inactivity, and if you can not, you can not do it, just hoping to stand up well and do not put any accents on the front, it will not be the best," said Kühbauer.

Statistics give hope

The rise succeeded in Hütteldorfern in their six group stages earlier only in the 2015/16 season. Kühbauer could have hoped for other facts: against Russian teams (including the Soviet Union), Rapid lost only once in 15 games and won eight times.

The latest of these victories – a home win of 2-0 for the start of the group – is lent to the Otakari Arena, which has 44,500 spectators. "I think we have to act like our first leg against Moscow," said the goalkeeper Richard Strebinger, "We put the lever there where it is vulnerable, and we stood very defensively, with little approval."

"New Energy" in Spartacus

Kühbauer was not a quick coach but Burgenländer was analyzing the match. "It was a game in which they did not go so much, so you have to be honest, but there was a lot of interference in the music and the whole environment." Since then, many have changed in Spartacus Oleg Kononov In victory 3-1, the new coach recently celebrated a successful debut. "Spartak is definitely another team," said Kühbauer, "but he also said," The coach has changed or not, we know that Spartak is above us, but we want to take something. "

Only 17 players were in the charter plane towards Moscow, green and white were missing four regular players. Andrija Pavlovič and Christopher Dibonwho suffered a muscle injury in defeat against LASK (0: 1), Andrei Ivan and – the latest failure – Thomas MurgThe wing stayed sick at home. "With offensive failures, it will not be easier, but we have to find a mix that works," Kühbauer said.

Mario Sonnleitner also demanded that he act with confidence wherever he was defeated in the group twice. "Although it may not be so easy at this point." The team must be wide in the first minutes, according to a veteran. "There is always something in the game." In the first game, the Russians underestimated Rapida. "They know what we can do now, they'll play offensive."

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