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ÖSV runners in Lake Louise have been training hard again

Anna Veith training in Lake Louise.Anna Veith training in Lake Louise.© APAweb / AFP, Mark Ralston
Anna Veith training in Lake Louise.© APAweb / AFP, Mark Ralston

Lake Louise. The Austrian slopes also played strong leadership in the second Alpine Skiing Training at the World Cup in Lake Louise. After the best time of Christine Scheyer the day before and the four red and white ski teams in the top ten this time managed 5 ÖSV runners. The best was Nicole Schmidhofer for Kira Weidle.

The German, however, had a massive 0.59 seconds in front of Styrian. Still, Schmidhofer was satisfied with the ride. "It was much better than yesterday," said World Super Grand champion. I see that it is good, I try to see all the training as a race, the track was already very well presented. "Schmidhofer came in seventh place on Tuesday for 86/100.

Under Ilkka Stuhec's upcoming Slovenian (+0.79), Steirerin finished fourth with Cornelia Hütter (0.83). This was twelve o'clock compared to the previous day. "We have tried something since today, so it's the right direction," Hütter concluded. "But I hope I still have reserves." Only in the race wants to put the cards on the table. Where she had previously won a return victory.

The video study was very important in preparing for a third practice scheduled for Thursday, with conditions that varied during the session. It was in the hours before sunshine when it started with the first runners. There was no more than 20th in Scheyer's 29th place (2,18). "It was dark and uncomfortable, and everyone who was on his back was also at the bottom of the list," said athlete Vorarlberg.

The exception was Christina Ager, with a starting number of 36. Tenth (1.68). Previously, ÖSV Anna Veith (7./+ 1.29) and Stephanie Venier (9 / 1.37) came out of the camp. They had numbers 7 and 18. Hütter was on the way with 1, Weidle with 2. "That was an increase, but too much should not be worth it," he said. "The day of racing counts." So far she knew she could be quick, but she had not done it yet.

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