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ÖVP will not postpone the vote on trust «

In short, the voice of mistrust changes on Monday
In short, the voice of mistrust changes on Monday © (c) AP (Michael Gruber)

The FPÖ sharply shoots sharply against the Chancellor at a time before Monday's motion of censure Sebastian Kurz (VET). Herbert Kickl the day after his release, the Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen in monuments. In entering Facebook, the fired Interior Minister refers to the Federal President as "holder of the Black Power Cartel Caliper".

The FPÖ and SPÖ must decide by Monday whether to let Sebastian Kurz in the office of Chancellor of the Minority Government of ÖVP or to deprive him of distrust. The FPÖ will be open. "Short can not expect any confidence," the party leader said Norbert Hofer in "couriers". He still does not want to decide to agree to any proposal of trust.

In short, the press release will be delivered at 16:45 in the Federal Chancellor. We're broadcasting live.

ÖVP will not postpone any vote of confidence

ÖVP will postpone the vote of mistrust on Monday. Theoretically, they could abstain from voting for two days, which in any case could still be as Chancellor at the EU summit on Tuesday. "We've never blocked a special session and now we won't," said ÖVP spokesman.

Mahr and Fischler lost confidence

Trade and Industry Commissioner Harald Mahrer spoke in his opinion on the stay of his party leader Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) as Federal Chancellor. Also Franz Fischler, President of the Alpbach European Forum, voted against no vote of confidence in Kurz. "Voting on no confidence serves domestic political stability … All political actors must fear that Austria is still able to act," Mahr said. Chancellor's appeal would cause instability and nervousness and threaten Austria's economic position and domestic jobs.

Stirrer Kickl

Kickl continues to act as an agitator. She accuses "old ÖVP" of being in fact to regain leadership in the Interior Ministry. "So-called experts" are now "puppets of black boxes, all of which are occupied by persons from the counseling environment of Sebastian Kurz". Van der Bellen acted as a "stirrup holder": "The responsibility for absorbing this ÖVP performance plan lies with Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen, who allowed Kurz and his advisors to cheat him."

If SPÖ and ÖVP agree to vote Monday on the distrust on Monday, Kurz's Chancellery would be history. On Thursday, however, it was also speculated that the FPÖ might have withdrawn from the plenary vote. In this case, the votes of ÖVP and NEOS would be sufficient to reject the motion of censure. The course has a chance to negotiate with the leaders of other parties on parliamentary tolerance of their minority government at a meeting to be held on Thursday afternoon at Chancellery.

Söder warns SPÖ against distrust of Kurz

After the collapse of the ÖVP-FPÖ coalition in Austria, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder The SPÖ warned the Chancellor of the FPÖ Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) to overthrow. That would be "a joke of history," said CSU leader in a government statement at the Munich State Parliament. In short, the next Monday, with no vote of confidence from the office, since Wednesday, ÖVP politicians and party experts are currently not a majority in the National Council. Finally, the FPÖ and the SPÖ have not decided how they will vote.

Neos demand criminal sanctions

NEOS supports the Court's requests Margit Kraker increase party transparency. President of the Court of Auditors Irmgard Griss calls, in addition to the Court of Auditors, for the control and sanctions of the "illicit party financing" and "politicians" offense. Now and on Wednesday, the Greens begged for tightening.

Neos also announced that it will introduce a package of anti-corruption measures at the next National Council meeting. Griss reiterated this following the Kraker campaign: "We demand genuine control, full transparency and strong sanctions for violating disclosure requirements and, above all, illegal funding of political parties."

The Court wants to control sharper parties

Kraker calls for the "Ibiza" affair and a hint Heinz-Christian Strache Meanwhile, possible donations are tightened by stricter transparency rules for parties and associations – even before the autumn elections. "That's the least what Austrians expect." Kraker presents a five-point plan that would allow the Court to control the parties' funds and impose fines. He has long been calling for a tightening of transparency rules for the parties. "Now is the time to do it – these issues need to be addressed immediately." It calls on the parties to tighten the party law before the autumn elections: "You cannot say permanently, there are shortcomings, but you do nothing."

The Court should not only receive the parties' annual reports, but also actually monitor their books. In addition, there should be strict conditions for clubs, committees and political organizations. They are obliged to report the donations of the parties to the Court of Auditors and publish the source of their funds. Kraker also considers criminal penalties worth considering for "gross crimes". Kraker wants to speed up the publication of electoral finance. As the news is not published one and a half years later, the parties should submit their own campaign cost report in the future. At least three months after the election.

The cabinets are locked

Substitute ministers for resigned blue government warriors will work with cabinets that are tinted turquoise. All four new ministers will get the cabinet chief close to ÖVP, so the new transitional government is actually actually the only ÖVP government, albeit without a parliamentary majority.

This will bring a new social minister Walter Pöltner Eva Landrichtinger as Secretary of Government. Landrichtinger comes directly from Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's Cabinet. New Defense Minister Johann Luifwho is considered a black man gets Helmut Brandl from ÖVP as head of cabinet.

Interior Minister Eckard Ratz and Minister of Transport Valerie Hackl Two men, Stefan Wiener and Martin Humer, from the Turkish Ministry of Economy.

"Yes, yes, I resorted to people from my environment," Kurz says. It was not a decision for the future. In the composition of the new team, the course is driven by fear of mistrust. Four experts have no party book and have made a career in the SPÖ haze. We hope the SPÖ will refuse to send the government to the desert on Monday.

Apparently the SPÖ wants to support the motion of censure shortly on Monday

After talking to the head of government, Pamela Rendi-Wagner, the party's leader, was once again in the well-known criticism of ÖVP Kurz, who, in their opinion, tried to agree with other groups. In her statement after the interview, she said that government crises are always a time of dialogue: "It is where conversation is needed, it needs to be addressed – and very quickly." That would make it very quickly instead of a course on the weekend and look for a stable solution for the coming months: "I'd try for a stable majority in Parliament." All this didn't happen. "

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