Police attacks: three arrests – wien.ORF.at

In the center of Vienna, three young men were arrested on Sunday for attacking and sometimes injuring police officers. Previously, they were loudly listening to listeners.

The police said the insults were on the Rotenturmstraße. The call to end their behavior was not met by men 18, 22 and 26. In an attempt to establish an identity, an 18-year-old German citizen built a clerk. Against his arrest, he was struggling first with kicks and kicks.

Meanwhile, other members of a furious group attacked the cops with blows and kicks to help their friend, police spokesman Irina Steirer said on Monday. At the same time, arrest warrants were arrested against 22-year-old German and 26-year-old Austrians, which is why the officers finally demanded reinforcement. Several emergency vehicles were called for support.

The cop suffered from bruises and abrasions

A 26-year-old man could finally be arrested only by the use of physical strength, Steirer said. A 22-year-old man kicked the head of a civil servant, causing his face. In addition, there was found the release and splitting of two incisors. He had to leave his service.

Another policeman was injured on his finger. Whether the three men were drunk or under the influence of other drugs was not known by the police.

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