Private banking: Austrians as industry leader

The top five private banks in the German-speaking world come from Austria. Renowned Berlin Fuchsbriefe Verlag came to this conclusion in his annual private bank ratings (here). You can be especially proud if you have a deposit with the first Bank Gutmann AG, Carl Spängler & Co. AG, Capital Bank AG, Schoellerbank AG or Walser Privatbank. I think the result is phenomenal!

Bank Gutmann is not only the leader in this year's overall ranking, but continues to be the leader in the "Eternal Best List" of private banks. Chief Executive Officer Frank (Lippert) is proud and also pleased with his Austrian competitors,

"Because such a concentrated performance is the best advertising for Austria as an investment place."

The focus of hidden test customers this year was the Mifid II investment guide. The best artists in Austria have done excellent work in this field, especially in the field of consulting, as the publisher explains. By the way, no Swiss institute has been rated "satisfactory".

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