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Red Bull can not drive Ferrari time

( – Will Red Bull win in F1 2019? Maybe. However, the Honda RB15 is not the fastest vehicle in the field. Pierre Gasly came to this conclusion on the penultimate day of the test, which was controlled by Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in the SF90. His best of 1: 16,231 minutes is out of the Red Bull, says Gasly and says: "We've tried it, but Ferrari is really fast."

Pierre Gasly

Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly in RB15: After an afternoon, heavy crash zoom

These statements seem to adapt to the role of Red Bull's pursuers, although Gasly does not want to say prematurely: "Of course we focus on ourselves and not others, and we have the potential, they do well, we just have to work hard, because [Ferrari] is relatively fast. "Ferrari, in particular, does not seem to be able to stop Ferrari, even Mercedes has so far found no antibodies.

And so Red Bull is still satisfied with the minimum goal: to be better. In particular, Honda's new Honda engine partner has been critical of the tests. But Honda apparently did well. "I'm very happy with progress," says Gasly. "Reliability is also good, you can also feel extra power, hopefully it will continue like this." Honda in development "is in any case something right," said the Red Bull driver, but notes: "The distance [nach vorne] is still there, but it is smaller than last year. "Let's say: Ferrari and Mercedes are still standing in front of Honda.

Gasly takes the test on the cap

Also in terms of mileage, Red Bull is not in the field: Serious Gasla accident destroyed many parts of the vehicle in the early afternoon and the price of important time. The Red Bull is already missing 1200 miles on Mercedes and still less than 400 on Ferrari, which may be at least a small handicap (Get complete test statistics from Red Bull here!), "But most importantly, we will ensure that tomorrow we secure the vehicle, so Max [Verstappen] they can drive, "says Gasly. Unfortunately, mechanics have a long night ahead of them. I'm sorry. "

What happened? Gasly mistakenly estimated the approach to the Campsy curve in Barcelona at around 3:15 pm and got too far across the track with the left wheels. "When I came, I lost my car out of control," he explains. "My mistake, and not exactly the ideal end for my test units." Especially when Gasly called the departure and impact as "one of the worst accidents in my career." His RB15 has been severely damaged in the front and the rear, the rebuilding takes some time.

Red Bull also responded to the test accident and lowered the driving lane in the lane. This does not mean you have no confidence in your own mechanics: The team will start the last day, but no new simulation of the races, and therefore does not need a special infrastructure on the pit wall.

And gas? He tries to see "positive" after his mistake, he says. "I have [weiterhin] Trust in the car. And we have it [am Donnerstag] Repeated many rounds. I feel good in the cockpit, our package is pretty good. We can not be a favorite at this moment, but we'll do it until Melbourne. "Or rather: Verstappen, with the Red Bull's Gasly team, who attacked the last day of testing in the fifth fix RB15.

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