Sex and City 3: Big Lord should die in the third part

It will be a real shock to all fans of "Sex and the City"! As former serial filmmakers discovered in the podcast "Origins" by journalist James Andrew Miller, the third film sequel – if ever produced and produced – will be based on a great drama. Because at the beginning of the film is the character of John Preston aka Mr. Biga (played by
Chris Noth
, 64) die.

It seems that the plot of the third film Sex and the City is based on the death of Mr. Biga and how
Carrie Bradshaw
Sarah Jessica Parker
, 53) deals with the loss of her great love. That's one of the reasons why
Kim Cattrall
(62) did not want to participate in the sequel, said the podcast.

"People around Kim think the Samantha character scenario has little to offer," said a guest podcast interview. Mr. Big is told he's dying of a heart attack in his shower at the start of the movie. The rest of the conspiracy turns around more about how Carrie recovers from this, not about the relationships of four friends.

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