Sony's streaming service delivers three times more revenue

PS vs Xbox Game Pass: Sony's streaming service delivers a three times higher revenue

November 9, 2018 at 16:57:

While subscription services are long overdue in television consumption, playing games is also a subscription. Services such as PS Now, Xbox Game Pass, and EA Access are pouring lots of money into publishers' cartridges. And the company is so particularly successful.

Large game publishers are increasingly buying subscriptions that promise regular incomes. Also, Microsoft (Xbox Game Pass) and Sony (PlayStation Now) are active in this area. And companies like Square Enix are planning to run their own subscription soon.

Customers can therefore use games that typically cost 60 or 70 euros, alongside other games at 10 or 20 euros per month. This may sound like a bad deal for the publisher first. But this is not the case, as the SuperData analysis shows.

Subscription services are useful for publishers

According to SuperData, people who pay for a subscription spend about 45 percent more than those they traditionally buy. This is partly due to the fact that users of subscriptions tend to spend more on other items such as seasonal or cosmetic items. Compared to non-subscribers, they invest approximately twice as much in this area.

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In other words, if an obstacle falls because customers do not have to buy games at full cost, they are willing to invest more money into games afterwards.

PlayStation Now brings more money than the Xbox Game Pass

SuperData went further and compared popular subscription services, including PlayStation Now, EA Access and Xbox Game Pass. Remarkable is the fact that most revenue generated in the third quarter was created by PlayStation Now.

Of the $ 273 million above, 52% is assigned to Sony's streaming service, while the Xbox Game Pass is only 15%. Below you can find the rating.

Share on sale Q3 2018

  • PlayStation Now: 52 percent
  • EA approach: 16 percent
  • Xbox Game Pass 15 percent
  • The original Premier approach: 9 percent
  • Original approach: 8 percent

The subscription market becomes warmer

"The pre-paid game market was extremely hot in 2018, as players were searching for sources of repeated recurring earnings, and publishers now offer brand new titles to their payers," said SuperData Conclusion.

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