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Many sex diseases are growing. Especially men are affected. In the future, gouty treatment, also called gouaches, could be a particular problem. Bacteria are becoming more resistant.

Gonococcus, which causes gout, is used to many different antibiotics, says Mario Sarcletti, head of the HIV / AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic at Innsbruck. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers gonococci to be the most risky bacteria, but in the future there will be no antibiotic therapy.

Mario Sarcletti

ORF / Hermann Hammer

Director of ambulance Mario Sarcletti

There have been cases around the world where the droplet has not been curable with antibiotics, says Sarcletti. But it did not happen in Austria. Therefore, it is even more important to diagnose the disease earlier. The main threat to the infection is people who do not know about the infection. Another problem with gonorrhea is that, for unknown reasons, symptoms are often not as clear today as they used to be, says Sarcletti. Indications of gout, but may include burns in the urinary tract with purulent discharge, especially in the morning.

The ambulance was established at the clinic in Innsbruck

While most women regularly go to a gynecologist, men often go for a doctor, especially with respect to sexually transmitted diseases. Sarcletti also sees the lack of clear contacts in the past. Therefore, an outpatient clinic in Innsbruck was set up to close this gap.

HIV decreases

Due to an increase in gonorrhea, syphilis or chlamydia infection, there is a decrease in HIV. The disease has been treated since 1996. By 2020, the WHO targets the 90-90-90 target, which is now almost reached in Tyrol and Austria. 90 percent of those infected are diagnosed, 90 percent are treated and 90 percent of those being treated, the virus is thus suppressed to be below the detection limit. In this case, there is no risk of infection, as new studies confirm.

Medicines provide protection against HIV

In addition, there are drugs that can provide protection against or after contact with HIV. Protection from what the health care staff suffers from a bite with an infected needle. Frequently described situation when someone in a park with a needle knocks, but Sarcletti is a little dangerous. It would have to be used fresh, so there is a danger. The "pill before" is only useful for a very limited group of people who show high-risk behaviors, but before it is talking and education, the doctor says.

600 experts on skin and sex sickness will meet next week in Innsbruck to discuss current developments and countermeasures.

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