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Sweetener Vaccine: Physician for Motivation System –

With regard to the current wave of measles, the injection rate in Styria is also discussed. Although doctors and experts are against the general vaccine obligation that is being discussed, they are proposing an incentive system.

Fourteen cases of measles were reported in the Styrian Provincial Health Directorate and twelve confirmed – more about suspected measles: Already 50 treatments (January 30, 2019).

Two partial vaccinations from the ninth month of life offer lifelong protection against measles by medical profession. Inoculation rates are 89 in Styria for the first vaccination and only 79% for the second vaccine.

The general duty to vaccinate is difficult

The general duty of vaccination, as in Italy and France, is difficult because one person lawfully enforces the limits of individual freedom of choice, the boarding school of the Graz Ernst Eber Hospital: "Obligation in the true sense of the word is very difficult, because we must always respect where the freedom of the individual, It's not like you have to get 100% of the vaccine, we have to get over 95 percent of the obstacle and unfortunately we're 15 percent of that. "

Vaccine vaccine against measles

APA / dpa / Achim Scheidemann

According to Werner Zenza, an infectiologist at a children's hospital who advocates a motivation system, "Radical immunization opponents – about four percent of the population – would not only participate in educational work," an indirect obligation to vaccinate, for example, the linking of social benefits with mandatory vaccinations. Vaccination is not just a protection for yourself but also a protection for others because you do not have the spread of a baby – as you can see in small children now – and it would make sense for you to reduce any social benefit – for people who do not have their children vaccinated. "

Impflücke in young adults

Health counselor Christopher Drexler (ÖVP) may consider mandatory receipt of a vaccine against a mosquito in the passage of mother and child as a suitable means. There is a corresponding obligation in the hospital sector to vaccinate workers who have to deal with intensive doctors or surgical patients. The challenge to use the free vaccine is from the Styrian Medical Association. Even young adults are Impflücke, who must be urgently closed.

"130,000 to 160,000 deaths per year"

With regard to the current wave of measles, Viennese virologists, Lukas Weseslindtner and Heidemarie Holzmann (MedUni Vienna), draw attention to the 2015 measles studies published in "Science", according to which bone loss has been debilitating the immune system of patients for years.

The argument that vaccine opponents often claim to question the benefits of measles vaccine is that the "natural" penetration of the measles "strengthens" the immune system. "We have to remember again that measles are by no means harmless but have a very high rate of hospitalization and complications (about 20 percent). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), measles in all age groups around the world still cause between 130,000 and 160,000 deaths a year, "researchers wrote.

Styrian expert on infectious diseases Werner Zenz stressed at a press conference on Wednesday: "They have had beneficial effects after the onset of illness, such as asthma protection and better development, all of which have been scientifically refuted a few times, and the vaccine also does not lead to autism as they often claim. , measles-causing disease leads to a weakening of the immune system up to three years later and can therefore more easily lead to deaths in other diseases. "

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