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Series "Cobra Kai", "Impulse", "Step Up: High Water" or "Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated" are called "Originals YouTube". These are original series and movies that can be viewed exclusively on Google's platform. So far, users need a YouTube Premium subscription.


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Although you pay the same amount as your Netflix standard subscription but you have much less content available. YouTube has also worsened in portal comparisons. For this reason, the video platform wants to provide its original programs from January 2019 for free to everyone to expand the audience.

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The company is calling a new marketing strategy for its "Single Slate" YouTube originals. So far some titles such as the second season of karate spin-off "Cobra Kai" but still behind the paywall. By 2020, all original programs should be available free of charge.

There will be no YouTube comments in the future. Semi-transparent information frames that overlap the image in some clips need to be manually disabled. Since January 15, 2019, it is no longer necessary. All comments will be removed by then, informing YouTube Support.

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