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Ultrasound after separation: Anne Wünsche confuses its fans!

Again, Anne Wünsche (27) shakes her community! A few days ago, the social media had influenced the horror fan among her fans: the former Berlin day and night actress and her long-time partner Henning Merten split up. Because of their hectic everyday life, these two went away. Now, a 27-year-old parent turns back: He shares ultrasound images on the network. Is the creature around pregnant?

In her InstagramThe story immediately takes the wind out of speculation sails. The offspring did not inform her, but her female. "I just came back from a vet and because she just could not get better, Peaches probably expected at least three puppies", explains the situation. Although a mother of two people is content with this family adventure, she is not in the right time. "I'll get it baked, but it's so bad, it's all happening all at once," he says.

Shortly after the relationship, Anne stressed that she now has to completely reorganize her life. "At the moment it's just an incredibly difficult situation, which is difficult Henningbut also difficult for me ", she expressed her emotional chaos. Henning His emotions also settled openly: several hours after the separation news, he struggled online with his tears.

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Anne Wunsche, YouTuber
Anne Wunsch's story, InstagramInstagram / grasreh91

Anne Wunsch's story, Instagram
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Henning Merten and Anne wishing

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