While Malle-Jens fights for his life, the anger rises to his former girlfriend, Jenny

And he says, "We are very sorry, but it definitely continues in 2019. Your Büchners." It sounds defiantly. However, it is very unlikely that the authors of this promise, cult emigrant Jens Büchner and his wife Daniel, will be able to keep this promise. Because the 49-year-old "Malle-Jens" from VOX "Goodbye Germany" is seriously ill. He is being treated at a hospital in the capital city of Palma. His former girlfriend Jennifer "Delüxe" Matthias wrote on Facebook: "Jens dies." And while his friends in Cala Millor share a hot rating, among them he is more and more outraged at Büchner ex.

The rain in this recent Saturday also led several people who are in this resort on the eastern edge of the island. It's a season out of season. In isolated restaurants that are still open, sit down a few locals, tourists are barely there. Many Carrer de Binicanella shops are closed. Also in the boutique "Jenny Delüxe", which is just a few steps away from the "Faneterie", the note hangs and announces the winter break.

Guests enter the Büchner hut

Everywhere there are some German merchants who have heard the life and suffering of Jens Büchner in the past. They also talk about not wanting to be named in the press. For various reasons. Some of them are satisfied with media enthusiasm during the season, others are so close to the family that they want to stay in the background of family piety. But no matter who you ask, tenor is always the same: Jens Büchner, who opened the pub in the spring, took over.

After a relatively slow start, guests reached the hut. Many people just wanted to see, once with their own eyes, to see the famous television from the pub, which is hidden behind three palms. With a famous restaurateur and then again. It might sound strange to me that the inconspicuous Saxon-Anhalt locksmith, who has become known only for his emigration, has so many fans, he has such an attraction. But Jens Büchner understood his carefree way to capture people on screens and the Internet with high and low values.

"I'm flat"

And his "faneteria" grunted, as the neighbors confirm. By the way, some vendors have admitted benefiting from the hype that surrounded Jens Büchner and his former girlfriend that one or the other fan is losing in business.

But they also noticed that alive Jens had changed. Even at the beginning of the season when you, as a businessman in Mallorca, burst energy from the stressful summer months, Büchner confided to his friend, "I'm flat." But Büchner did not change him, by the way he joined as a singer and spent two weeks with his wife in "Summer House of the Stars". He and Daniel, with their five children, including two in common, were given help from their relatives, as friends point out. In addition, there was a dispute between the wife and his staff.

"He also continued to accelerate"

"Since August, Jens looked really bad, he was getting thinner," says a friend. Büchner spent several days in the hospital because of stomach ulcers. Where he got it, he himself said in a TV show, "From our dirty shop." He also admitted that he supports the situation. "Faneteria" brought him a lot of money, but the health "almost ruin".

Andreas Robens was also known for broadcasting VOX "Goodbye Germany". Together with his wife Cara, the bodybuilder also runs a gym at Palma. Two couples are well known, although they rarely met the season. "We just hope Jens gets out of the hospital somehow," says Caro Robens. But this hope is small, they admit. Jens Büchner is the hero of Andreas Robens. Since Wahl-Mallorquiner's muscular bound assumes that "Malle Jens" long knew he was critically ill. "He's still on the gas," says Robens. "I think he just wanted to spend the most money to take care of his family."

Anger over Büchner-Ex

This includes a common son with his former girlfriend Jennifer. Their contribution came to Facebook even though it was highly approved. But as Robbens, some of the well-known Büchners in Cala Millor only shook their heads. "Jennifer has also avoided over the last few years, that's what she should do now," says Andreas Robens. "Like some other alleged friends, she killed Jens's fate to get some hobbies on Facebook." For Andreas Robens it is clear: Jens Büchner has no comments on Facebook.

German dealers in Cala Millor think that Jens Büchner, who has lived with media attention for years, must also report his health. But as intimate and drastic as Jennifer Mathias did, "it just does not have to be," says a friend.

But now he hopes everyone is wrong with their gloomy predictions, and Jens and Daniel Büchner can still fulfill their promise.

"Only miracles help Jens": Friends expect the worst

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