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Why should you sleep better on your left?

Why not sleep on the right

Sleeping positions can affect our health. Experts have warned about bedtime in the past because it can cause some people to breathe dangerously. There are also health reasons why he is not sleeping on the right. On the left side, however, is recommended.

Different causes of reflux

Every other German occasionally suffers from heartburn. It can be caused by overweight, heavy, oily foods, stress or excess alcohol and nicotine. Even a poor sleep position can promote heartburn, as the study shows.

Sleep on the left side is associated with various health benefits. For example, left sleepers have, among other things, less burning hearts than the right sleepers. (Picture: drubig-photo /

The left sleepers have less heartburn

American researchers found in the journal Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology a published study that people who are sleeping on the left are much less suffering from heartburn (also known as reflux) as a right-hand sleeper.

Other health experts also referred to this fact and explained this phenomenon with the stomach and its content further to the esophagus than to lie on the left.

However, in the case of sleepers for the right eyes, it is easier to return to the esophagus.

But there are even more reasons why you should sleep better on your left. Some of them have a doctor. His name was John Douillard on his website and many YouTube videos.

Better transport of important nutrients

According to a health expert, the lymphatic system of the body is a good thing resting on the left.

This is related to the fact that the left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side.

The lymphatic system, the largest organ of the immune system, plays a central role in the fight against pathogens and malignant degenerated cancer cells.

In addition, it is responsible for the transport of important nutrients and the filtration of waste materials.

And the spleen, which is responsible for cleaning the blood, lies on the left side and can therefore work more easily if we sleep on the left.

Benefits for digestion and heart health

The location of the stomach and pancreas also indicates sleep on the left.

Because it helps experts to better digestion.

But who is the right fret, pushes the stomach on the pancreas and hinders their activity.

And another point that speaks for better sleep on the left: Sleep on the right has to work much harder.

Because the main artery, the aorta, turns from the heart to the left before going down to the abdomen.

By lying on the left side of the heart, the blood is pumped directly down the hill to the descending aorta, which automatically removes the organ. (Ad)

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