Windows Watch: Android & Q & # 39; allows real multi-window operation

In the next version of Android, Google wants to make sure that several apps can really run side by side, according to their own data. In the meantime, you can actually see multiple applications at once, but they will not run in parallel.

As announced by XDA developers, Google announced last week at the Android Developer Summit that they are working on improving the mobile operating system with the so-called "more resume" feature. Therefore, several applications can be displayed side by side but actually run in parallel.
Google Android Q.

Although apps may already be shown side by side from several major Android versions, all other windows remain in a paused state except the currently active window. Google seems to be able to run multiple apps in parallel, but it depends on the particular device manufacturer, whether it is used in the Android version of its products. Android support "Q" requires support.

At the moment, both device manufacturers and application developers have to allow multiple applications to run in parallel. This is because Android 9.0 "Pie" is already done and can also be limited due to lack of host platform performance and display of some applications.

Although the new "Multi-Resume" feature benefits from multitasking, especially for tilt-and-turn devices, devices with very large displays or high pixel density may have an advantage, for example, when using split screen applications. Operation used.

With new factors for smartphones and multifunction mode, Android is also approaching Microsoft Windows in this case. To what extent the theoretical possibility of "real" multiple Android operations also leads to increased productivity in practice.

Android, Multi-Window, Android Q, Multi-Resume
Android, Multi-Window, Android Q, Multi-Resume

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