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BNP chairman Tarique Rahman met the party's nominated party Tuesday by joining a videoconference in London on Tuesday. Upon arriving in the media, Tarek Rahman's interview with Skype during the first two days, Monday night, it is known that the Internet connection of Chhatrasan's political office in Gulshan was cut off. On Tuesday, it is known that internet-enabled videoconferencing with mobile data hotspot technology has gone through.

It is known that since the morning, 278 nominees for the Chittagong Division have been interviewed. The third day program was launched with an interview for candidates for Feni-1 and Feni-2 in the Chittagong division. An interview with Sylhet and Comilla, appointed by the departments of Sylhet and Comilla, began at 3:30 pm. In the Chittagong Division, six hundred candidates for 36 parliamentary constituencies from eight districts, 22 seats in the three Comilla districts, and 19 seats in the Sylhet division took part in the conversation. Nomination of the Council Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Dr. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Advocate Jamiruddin Sarker, J. (Retd) Mahbubur Rahman, Barrister Rafiqul Islam Mia, Mirza Abbas, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy and others. Abdul Moin Khan, Nazrul Islam Khan, and Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury.

The first day was talks with Rangpur and Rajshahi, the second day division of Barisal and Khuln. The four-day phase of the interview will be closed after an interview with candidates for the organizational departments of Mymensingh and Dhaka and Faridpur.

Yesakhali-2 nominees were sharply attacked yesterday. Under the condition of anonymity, Kalero Kantho said that former Wain Zainul chief Abdin Faruk and others had come to the interview. About 13 people will be nominated for this place. Zainul Abdin Faruq was excited to see such huge expectations, and began shouting for nomination papers of the present. Before the situation, the leaders at the bottom of the Faruka office headed the second floor of the nomination committee next to the room.

13 people at Khaled's headquarters: 13 people, including BNP Abdul Awal Mintoo, President Aboul Has Bulbul's volunteers from Bangladesh, interview with BNP chairman Khaledou Zia, hoping to be nominated for the Feni-1 constituency. In addition, President Chaglania Upazila BNP BNP President Noor Ahmed Majumder, Former Juba Dal Moshiur leader Rahman Khokon, Chittagong leader Jalal Ahmed as wife (in prison), Attorney Aminul Haque, VP Swapan, Anwarun Nabi Babla, Mahtab Uddin Minar, Barrister Anwar Hossain, Noor Nabi Bhuiyan, Manik, and Rafiqul Alam Majnu Others are nominated for Khaled Zia's candidacy.

Fakhrul: After yesterday's interview, Secretary-General BNP Fakhrul told reporters on the ground floor of Gulshan's office: "We suspect that the Election Commission wants to hold neutral elections, even after the announcement of the police schedule arrested and harassed opposition leaders and activists. those who were bail were lagging behind. "He said," We're getting a message through the loyalists that the police are preparing an election plan. "He immediately moved a policeman from the police headquarters. Or ask for a closure. He also said that illegal weapons are not being acquired. The question of whether the BNP and the national single queue will be final, BNP Secretary General said, will soon be final.

After the interview, BNP secretary for publicity Shahid Uddin Chowdhury Annie Kaler Kantho spoke: "Today, in our alternative system, our acting chairman was associated with the parliamentary nomination council." He refused to post the name of the used application.

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