16 HC rule against flooding of housing

Human HRPB HRPB HRPB on October 21, on behalf of Purbachal New Town, under the Rupganj Police Station in Narayanganj district and 16 housing companies under Kaliginj Police Station in Gazipur District to stop diving, ponds, water supply, low land filling, holding and signing various companies. An action was brought in 2018. The Justice of Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Ashraful Kamal were present at a hearing on Monday when the inaction of inaction by the defendants in the Rupganj district of Narayanganj and in the Kaliganj district of Gazipur, illegal bodies of water, bodies of water, low-lying areas, pond filling and billboard creation Different companies will not be notified and why the guidelines for the protection of water bodies, water bodies, low plots, ponds It issued a resolution to submit 4 weeks.

Attorney Manjil Murshid, Attorney Deputy at the meeting, said that the limitation of flood protection in the area under the 1995 Environmental Protection Act and the 2000 Nature Conservation Act was completely banned, but in various Kaliginj areas in the Gazipur District and various areas of the Narayanganj area, water bodies, pond filling and installation of brands of different companies are underway. Platinum Purbachal City, Zamindar City, Dreamland City, Purbachal City, Purbachal City, Homestead Purbachal City, Preeti Real Estate, Mascot Green City, Puspita MPaar Housing, Nandan City, Bestway City, Malum City, Marine City and Teran City Filling land blocked the flow normal water, causing damage to the environment.

At the end of the hearings in 2015, 2016 and 2017, Ariel Map (Map via Google or Satellite) gathered Judge Moinul Islam Chowdhury and Judge Mohammad Ashraful Kamal, Ministry of Environment and Forestry and Water Resources, Secretary of the Department of Housing and Public Works and Secretary of the Department of Supplies water. Around the city district, the Rupganj police station in Narayanganj district and various areas of Kaliginjaha area of ​​Gazipur Identify water bodies, bodies of water, water, ponds etc. In this area and submit a report within six months to the Supreme Court. Judges Purbachal City, City of Cloud, City of Canada, City of Zamindar, Dreamland, Homeland Purbachal City, Homestay Purbachal City, Preeti Real Estate, Mascot Green City, Floridance MPaire Housing, Nandan City, Bestway City, Malum City, of any type of water / water / low soil / pond supply. A police officer in the Bong Gazipur Rupganj District Officer Nirbahi, Officer Nirbahi Kaliganj Upazila, a police station officer in Rupganga, and officer Kaliganj Than gave orders to submit a compliance report within two months.

The petitioner is attorney Ripon Baraohi Defendants are: Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Water Supply, Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Public Works, Secretary of the Ministry of Water Resources, Chairman RAJUK, Director General for the Environment, Deputy Environment Director, Deputy Commissioner, Narayanganj, District Commissioner Gazipur, District Police Narayanganj, Gazipur District Police Commander, Rupganj Wounded by Nirbahi, Kaliganj Officer Nirbahi, Police Station Rupganj Officer and Police Chief in charge of Kaliganj. Attorney Manzill Murshid argued for the petitioners. AAG Purabi Saha and Purabi Rani Das were present on behalf of the government.

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