3 killed, 5 injured in the Joypurhat National Fire

3 killed, 5 injured in the Joypurhat fire

Three people were killed and five injured in a fire in the district of Aramnagar. Injuries were admitted to a modern hospital. Of these, 3 people are alarming.

Fire service, police and witnesses eyewitnesses said three people killed on the scene were mom Momena Khatun, 65 years old son Abdul Momin, 35 years old and Nityan Rishi (15). The neighbor is participating in JSC examinations, said neighbor Murad Hossain.

Local residents said fire in three homes in Dulal Hossain (65) in the Aramnagar area at about 21:30 on Wednesday. When the fire started short, it spread rapidly. At that time, all eight members of the family were in their own home. As a result, no one could get out. Selim's neighbors broke the window and tried to save the wounded, and reports of the fire service soon arrived. Three hours were killed on the spot while trying for one and a half hours. The five wounded were rescued and sent to a district hospital.

Haldar Dulal Hossain (65), Parana Khatunova's wife (33), Natani Hasi (13), Khushi (13) and one and a half year old Noor child. Approximately 70 to 75 percent of their body was burned, the surgical counsel of the District Hospital said. Mofiur Rahman.

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