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A sudden trip of Mashraf to Narail Hospital, 4 Doctor OSD

A sudden trip of Mashraf to Narail Hospital, 4 Doctor OSD

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Narail-2 MP Mafrafe Bin Mortaza accidentally went to the Sadar District Hospital and after getting a doctor, disciplinary measures were taken against four doctors there.

The Ministry of Health and Family Care reported their absence due to the absence of a hospital permit. In addition, these four doctors were excluded from liability.

Doctors Are – Dr. Narail Sadar Hospital Senior Consultant Akhtar Hossain, Cardiology Consultant Shawkat Ali & Dr. Rabiul Alam and the doctor said. SM Sayam.
On Sunday, the Ministry of Health and Social Care asked the doctor to join the Ministry of Health in Mohacs by the seventh working day.

Mashraf Bin Mortaz, who visited Narail Modern Sadar Hospital on Thursday, gave no information to anyone.

They talked to patients in women's and children's wards and had various problems with them. At that time he was angry when he saw only one doctor's presence in the hospital.

Only two nurses in the Sadar Hospital's male ward had taken care of their duty.

Although there are adequate nurses in the hospital, the sisters have two different sisters. After hearing the incident, Mashrafe searched for nursing inspectors.

When the phone saw the lock in the nurses' room, he tried to contact the police duties. At that time, the guard's phone was locked, and the other phone was open, but he didn't get confirmation.

When a hospital is in an infectious ward, patients receive various complaints from Members.

After hearing such an allegation that he had to buy saline from the outside, he ordered to see if saline was being sold in the out-of-hospital shops.

Call the storekeeper about the hospital's drug crisis. Get out of the meeting at night without getting it.

In the same thing, MP Mashrafe, meeting a caretaker hospital, a civilian surgeon, doctors, nurses and employees.

At that time, Deputy Commissioner Anjuman Ara, Chief Police Inspector Mohammad Jashim Uddin and Ahsan Habib, executive engineer of the Public Works Department, attended the hospital.

He also met everyone in relation to various complaints from all the people and the irregularities he saw.

During this time, the government ordered strict measures to stop ambulances, brokers and sales representatives outside the hospital. He asked the hospital to be open to human services.

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