Aliya to the doctor, Ranbire!

Published: November 21, 018, 02:06

Ranbir Kapoor goes to the doctor about Ali and goes to the doctor. Such images were captured on the camera in the camera. This image spreads to the site after publishing a post on the web. Why did the doctor with the idea of ​​Alia suddenly go to the doctor?

It is known that Aliya was injured on Tuesday night during the filming of another Brahmast film. And that's why Ranveer, who cares about Ali, is about a doctor. It is quite understandable that Ranbir is very cautious about Ali. When he left the medical chamber, Aliya looked quite pessimistic.

According to sources in India today, Ranbir-Aliya was recently seen coming out of a five-star hotel. Now he spends most of his time alone. Meanwhile, another video in social media was viral. During the filming of Brahmastra, Ranbir was seen in the same caravan when Aliya closed the door.

Meanwhile, on Saturday at the Golden Rose ceremony, journalists interviewed Aliyu about her marriage when she is waiting for my marriage. Then they will have to wait. The end should always be good, it should be a happy ending. Wait, my marriage is too late.

A few days ago, it was heard that Ranbir and Alia were waiting for Rishi Kapoor to come home. If Rishi Kapoor returns home from America, he will talk about his marriage.

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