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Are there any Bollywood stars yet?

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10:40, April 30, 2019

Are there any Bollywood stars yet?

The eldest son of Shahrukh Khan Arian Khan and daughter Shweta Bachchanova Novya Noveli Nanda is a good friend. What is the relationship between these two kiddies even more than friendship? There is speculation in industry. But in the context they never open their mouths openly. But this time it's not Aria, it is heard that another kidda star is making a new date! Who knows?

Anandabazar reports that Navya was seen with a mysterious man in Mumbai several days ago. A person covering her shirt face in front of a paparazzi camera.

The person is Mizan Jafri. Bollywood Actor Javed Jafria's son Mizan now makes a new day!

Naveez is in the United States to study Mulu Mizan is responsible for making the Navy turn as far as Mumbai Though Mizan doesn't want to come in front of the camera.

Mizan wants to do an acting career. Get ready for this goal. On the other hand, a busy busy day of learning At present, it was not possible for his work to be carried out in the Bollywood industry. Although neither Navya nor Mizan openly opened their mouths to a special friendship.

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