BKSP wins the national youth championship in archery

BKSP has won the 2nd National Championship championship title. BKSP archery gets a gold medal in 7 out of 13 events. The Armed Arbitrator won 5 events and won the gold medal. The best archery, however, together won the highest gold medal in the team and private, Tamim of BKSP and Archer Archer Archer. City Group Satara sponsor expressed satisfaction with the overall layout. In addition, these young people hope to one day receive a medal from major events such as the Olympic Games.

This joy, these festivities are the same. The celebration of this restriction was only for them. After the two-day battle of the Tirdad armed forces, they lost their opponents 7-5. Tamim-Hiramani of BKSP is now a master.

But their words were not as easy as words Arbitrary armed forces stood at each workplace. More specifically, Siam Siddique-Banya Akhtar-Ibrahimera suddenly took 5 gold and took them BKSP. However, archery experiences there have arisen in Parliament. Rubel-Diya caught two more gold.

Even if the losers lost their archers, the archers in the eyes of the Parliament. Party and private are in the queen of rains and floods.

Meanwhile, German football coach Frederick Martin, happy with the performance of teen archery, I hope that next month I will do something positive in the Senior Championship.

Coach Frederick Martin said, "Look, they are still very small, but there are a lot of possibilities between them, and the results of this tournament will increase their confidence, so they will be able to fight well in the coming months, hopefully some of them will get good archers.

Chief Executive Officer of the City Group, a sponsoring organization, expressed satisfaction with the full organization of the Youth Championship. His hope is that these archers one day fly the flag of the country in big stars such as the Olympic Games.

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