"Bright Inspector2018" was organized in the brightest event

Medal of Style Icon 2018 was received by student Ujjaly Jahanar Akter of Dhaka. Photo: NTV

"I have long thought of a clear organization, I wanted to confess to the experts of the form of recognition, and finally, the dream is on my way to the Ujjalar." Bangladesh. On Wednesday, Ujalalla celebrated the Ujjalla Patrakar2018 program in Bangladesh for the Shilpakala Academy. Aditya Souma said there.

Aditya Saum praised the co-founder and CEO of Ujhhala Afroza Parvino: "It was impossible to work alone for me without Afrozy Parvin, and we want to do better work in the future, I want, many institutions like Ujjaler are in Bangladesh.

Director of SME Foundation, Md. Shafiqul Islam, chairman of the Technical Council for Education Mostafizur Rahman, one of the pioneers of the cosmetics industry in Bangladesh, Zerina Ajgar, craft solver, writer and designer Chandra Shekhar Saha, Managing Director Persian Kaniz Almas Khan, veteran artist Kanakchampa Chakma and former runner Dalia Akter. The program was presented by Mautus Biswas and Azhar Mahmood.

The program began in the morning with the help of a national anthem that showed respect and respect for the country. Describes Way Ujjally, CEO and co-founder of Afroza Parvin She said, "There are many beauty experts in our country, and they will try to develop their talents and we will do it."

In the morning, the cost of life insurance was awarded to one of the pioneers of the Bangladeshi cosmetics industry Zerin Azgar. In addition, "I'm Honored", it is also devoted to the six best women in six divisions.

Musical artists Shampa Reza, Meherin Mahmud, model and actress Sadia Islam Mou, Banya Mirza, lecturer Sharmin Lucky and others were present in the program. Rashed Uddin Ahmed Topu gave him music on this occasion.

The Beauty Festival begins with students' participation in the evening. This competition is organized to create quality boutiques around the country. 30 students of the Ujjaly participated in three different categories. They qualify for the main competition and participate in the main category. Sadia Islam Moy, Meherin Mahmud, Sharmin Lucky and Tahsina Shaheen were present as judges in the "Wedding make-up and hairstyle" category.

Nilufara Khandakar, Chanchal Mahmud, Islam Kazi Kamrul and Tutuli Rahman and Party Makeup and Style Shampa Reza, Banya Mirza and Shaibal Saha were judged by the judges of the category "Hairstyles, Colors and Styles". Jahanara Akhterova from Ujjala University Dhaka University received the "Style Icon 2018" medal for the highest praise.

In the Shaibal Saha program, he expressed his feelings and said, "Thanks to the family, Ujjala. Come on, that's my wish."

Champion Reza said: "Girls will not forget the heritage of the country, I'll say it. Make-up in the make-up tradition, it is not true that we will be watching the Western style today.

On the other hand, Sadia Islam Mou said: "Every girl in the country should be dependent on each other, more in my efforts to congratulate all the clear families and thank you."

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