Tuesday , July 23 2019
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Chinese developers remove 100 Google apps

Google is withdrawing 100 apps from the Chinese Android developer & # 39; Do Global & # 39; from Play in fear of cyber attacks and data processing.

Chinese search engine Giant Baidu has partial ownership of Do Global. Play Store has over 60 million installations of nearly 100 applications for Do Global.

Google has already removed 46 requests from the company. The US giant search engine plans to disable Dow Global from the Play Store to remove the remaining apps.

A Google spokesman said, "We are actively investigating malicious activities, and when we do this, there is no action other than a developer app review or the ability to cancel apps on the Play store with Adobe.

Google prohibits ads from the Play Store and prohibits ads on the Android platform.

Deutsche Global claims that its monthly active subscriber base is 25 million And thanks to the Android advertising platform, the company can reach 80 million subscribers.

This will be one of Google's biggest limitations if it disables Due Global from the Play Store.

Before Baidu, there was a company called Du Global. After the break-up of two companies in early 2014, Baidu holds 34% of the shares.

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