Election Mashrafe: Limitations of the Cricket Council?

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe series scheduled a match at Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium. But talking about how cricket fans stand out of the stadium is no problem, but it happened that the cricket stars did not come to politics.

Especially during the appointment of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza Awami League, cricket fans saw different reactions. University student Jannatul Naim believes the involvement of Shawlin Cricket players in politics is negative.

"I do not think cricketers can do something good in politics if they are cricket, then they will be able to do well, and if they engage in politics then they become very compact to play or adopt politics. really good "

But otherwise think of Sheikh Shakib Ferdous university students. According to him, critics can play a big role in encouraging the young generation in politics.

He said, "This cricket is an idol for the new generation, they are all very well governed, they understand the language of the young generation, they know what they want, they can discuss it in Parliament and the policy of the younger generation, I look forward to joining these criminals in politics to bring them out. "

So much so that when elections for parliament were held in the musical and silver world, it now touches the cricket country.

Captain Mashrafe will be appointed at the Awami League political office in Dhanmondi on Sunday. Why did you suddenly choose a cricket star career? He did not open his mouth before the media.
However, Awami League Press Wing said that after collecting nomination papers for his candidacy for the Narail-2 constituency, Mashrafe said he would work on city development.

Sanath Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka has shown he's active in politics in the lives of players.

But this is the first time in Bangladeshi cricket.

Is there any limit for BCB to become active in Captain Mashraf's or other cricket player policy just before the World Cup?

In response to a question, BCB spokeswoman Jalal Yunus said: "Mashrafe has finished his career after leaving the World Championship in 2019, it is not the rule that no player can play politics."

According to him, "this is his constitutional right if he thinks he can play politics and politics, then there is no rule that we can prevent him, and Mashrafee will be employed for one and a half months for an election campaign. he can handle it. "

What is Shakiba Al Hasana's plan?
In the nomination papers, Shakib Al Hasan was named Mashrafe in various media. Later, news came out that he had talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Although the BBC attempted to talk to Shakib Al Hasan, he disagreed to comment on this matter.

But in a BBC interview a few days ago, he said he has no plans for his future for his cricket career.

Shakib al-Hasan said, "I have not made any goals yet, I do not play such a life like this, I do not think that just as I do, I'm trying to improve, so I do not plan any future."

He said, "I have many options, which I think would be better." When the career is over, it will be better for me to choose which of them will know the situation.

BBC reporter Shakib left for Magura to talk to him. There is no such thing that Shakib Al Hasan decides to speak with the locals.

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