Facebook removes sent messages – Miscellaneous

Facebook will launch a new feature to remove news reports. Subscriber can erase the bad message in 10 minutes by sending a new feature. This new feature is listed in the Release Notes 191.0 release notes as "Coming Soon".

There are similar features in chat ownership on Facebook WhatsApp. However, if you want to delete messages sent to WhatsApp, it takes an hour to get a customer. The time for the messenger is 10 minutes

The Verge report says it's better to leave it for 10 minutes to fix its mistake, but rather to improve its error.

Interviews are ongoing this month since April this year. Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg, to be secretly removed later, has recognized the largest social media in the world. Since then, discussions have started with this feature.

This feature was first recorded when the feature was launched in October this year.

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