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For Theftfirst …

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Malaika Arora Khan acts with young actors Arjun Kapoor at the head. After divorcing last year, he began an interview with Arjun. And now it is heard that he will soon marry. In conversation with Malaika, however, this was one thing. And that means that every year the daughter of this item performs at Thaertfest's night at various events. This year, the start of the strict Thierphirast festival began with Malaika. This time, India's top organizer, Malaíika, designed a five-star hotel for 20 minutes at night. It is surprising that in 20 minutes, Malaika received 20 million rupees. It's amazing, but true. Because Massaika had never known the so-called ThirtyFirst event before. But this time, in 20 minutes, seven songs
She wanted to appreciate this performance. However, Malaika has not yet had an agreement with the organizing organization. It is known that the Malaikar offer is offered at several events. And she wants to act only on one occasion. And for that, Malaika wanted the reward of the sky.

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