Fuller Guest Minar and Pritam

After a few days, director Purnima returned to shooting. But not filming in the movie. And shoot on TV called Celebrity Talkshops and Purnima. The heroine of Dhaka was admitted to the ICU after being dengue infected. Although he was healthy, the doctor said about two months to rest. During this rest he took part in the shooting of "Purnima". Her

The ceremony hosts two popular musicians of the Bengali song Minar and Pritam. Purnima gave a fun conversation about the different types of unknown choices and dislikes of both artists.

Regarding this event, Purnima said: "From the beginning, I was looking forward to introducing this program, here is the scenario, and I told the producers that the questions were arranged to maintain respect for the guests. episodes among others, I hope you will like an episode. "

Sohail Rana is the author of Unnayan Mamun's production program. An episode of Pritom and Minara will be broadcast on RTV on Saturday at 22 o'clock.


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