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Good luck for the policy of betrayal Opinion

There will be many incidents in the election. We will not be able to be disappointed or surprised. Remember, the only TV CTV night in our youth was due to the news of eleven o'clock in the morning due to these interesting facts. Leaders of the Awami or BNP Leagues were seen in the evening until the night when people from the enemy team joined the bouquet of flowers and the people leased at night. There are many old leaders and records in this respect. On the eve of the late leader of the Awami Abdur League, Razzak BAKSAL came along with Abdul Malek Ukil. Malek Ukil Jhan Politics He knew what to do when! Razzák, who went on tour to create BAKSAL, went directly to the train and came directly to the press club. Before Razzaq arrived at Faridpur, he said that Razzaq from Faridpur was taken to Faridpur by train. During the liberation war, too, the young leader Tukhoor Mizanur Rahman Chowdhury has also changed many times. Post-fallen jutelay failed to cope with situation – people forced to run away

Moudud Ahmed is uncompromising about it. Mr Oddu, who traveled abroad with the BNP delegation, heard an urgent call. Even though he knew it. Upon receipt of the call after the call, the delegate read the whole trip and ran as the minister. The terrible Ershad wedge After the fall of Ershad, on television, Ershadem was inspired. The hypocrisy of compassion in the face. So here? BNP Member of BNP. This time the dialogue ended, he gave a court. Sheik Hasina did not respond to the request to return home What would be so hard to guess? It is normal for big leaders to change where party leaders change and title to be titled.

The least surprising was that Secretary of State Abu Sayyed announced a selection on rice fields. The person in the mujib quotes the then Minister of Information. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina came to Sydney in Niranbawi. The Civic Reception was sitting next to him in the evening, saying if she would tell Sheikh Hasin's tactic or the night would shine. Mohammed Ali's utterly stupid speech was also embarrassed by Bangaband's daughter, she had to stop. This time, the ship wanted to be in the middle. I could not say no. Pabna 1 came up with a line of rice. Papanai is a good place. Leaders can do anything! Show how much Circus has died so fast today. Think about when Safari Abu Sayyid dressed pictures?

Nearly unknown Roni was brought to Leim Lighthouse. So what is the Politics and the Leader in Society. I remember fighting Maul against Salman fighting. Salman Sahib Stronger Than Maula At the time, Ronnie had to be in prison. Required for Jedi Nehru prisoners, Biman Gandhi Gaffar Khan or Bangabandh spent most of their time in jail. After the release of Bangali Manishi Shri, Arvind Jail was transformed into philosopher and rishi. After studying Batrand Russell in Bangbanda, Russell named his youngest son.

These people are in prison others. Ronnie then fell in love with Quader Molly. After the writing of "Usta Bhaji", Uchcha Bhaji was sent to jail to get Mass's attention – "Quader Mollah or Rabindra would sing the music." Ronnie did not even go to make another kind of story and separate himself from talking. Rather, he received a nomination form because he was desperate to get a boat ticket. They gave and the conversation.

My mother said the rats had a terrible rage on the cat. But they can not do anything. One day he grabbed cats with ropes for milk theft. Joyful mice wanted to know how the cats are? Where are you going? The cat refused to accept the defeat or replied:

Fish eating meat eating meat in mind

Brindaban passes through Tulsimal's neck.

Golam Maula Roni did not care about the name "Maula". Golam is the end. He said the Golam of nationalism would remain untied. And vote on a paddy pod. When they saw the news, the delighted Mirza Fakhrul said Tarique Zia was also very glad to get Rony. Ratan will understand that Ratan is natural. As long as Mir Jafar died, Mushtaq left – only the slave party.

Now is the question that they are still prophets. Are Major Leaders Administrative? I saw the news. Kamal Hossain says there is a trance of the post of parliament, where there is tension for bread sharing. It's like a leader. Tell me how to stop the tension or how to negotiate how to unify politics. How long will we see this pillow?

He was quite angry. He said that this country is sixteen million people. No person or family. The indication is clearer. We all understand what we mean. Manoo is also there. Why is this country a family? If this family is veto, then there is no talk. See posters better. Kamal Hossain. On the one hand, just like his good daughter and Joy along with Bangabang, Khaled Zia again next to Ziaura Rahman, Tarique Rahman again, Tarique Rahman Can you stop?

If not, what is the advantage of lifting your finger on one side? The party that started your political career that dreamed her after being the elector of the electorate-and not with them-if they felt them say such things, then other people have no trouble? If you came to the country and the country to free a family or group, would it be another Talubandi family? Did you choose rice rice with rice? What are the benefits of talking to a dome? It is said that this country is not a party, it has to say three times. I really like it Let's start, let's say this country is not Awami League or BNP. Can you tell?

Overall ambitions of zombie politics. Chaos and Mouse Tickets Begin It is no longer possible to think that ideology or political politics can be a headache. If there is no jab, there is a bride. If there is no maula, it is a slave. If there is no leader, God is Father. This will continue. Good luck that he betrayed politics.

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