"I told Mirija at least two hundred"

Bangladesh went to lunch in the first session without the satisfaction of losing any goal. Two unarmed batons Mushfiqur Rahim and Mahmudullah Riyad were released the previous day. As soon as Bangladesh begins the second day of the second day, it was everyone's expectation.

But Captain Mahmudullah grabbed the Sajagar goal in the second after lunch after being all shocked. After several overs, Ariful Haque, who debuted in the Sylhet test, returned to his equipment. On the first day, Bangladesh is afraid of large collections before they were four hundred before they were in danger.

It was then when all the enemies of all of Mehdi Hassan's parents awakened his batting. In the eighth wicket, Mushfiqur Rahim added 144 runs to Bangladesh. The 21-year-old player has a great success in announcing an inning for 522 runs without goals from 378 for 7 goals.

Miraz did not think that his responsibility had been accomplished just because of Mushfiq's ability. He chose the other in his career and the first hawks on home soil. In the end, the 68 best career races were unbeaten.

When Mahmudullah and Ariful returned to reject Mushfiq on one side, the bat batsman did not reach his thirteenth set. Later, Miraj became the first Bangladesh to record two 150th shifts as the second Bangladesh and the first Bangladesh to achieve the glory of two two centuries.

In the entire cast mushfiq left the batsman on the other side, like the batsman on the other side, to destroy him just as he is responsible to launch Miraz After a two-century Mushfiq was also broken Miraz's light bamboo.

At the end of the day, Mushfiq said at a press conference that, while young or early in his career, Miraz understood the game very well. Mushfiq also pleased Khuln with the young. Both parties have spoken a lot all the time.

Mushfiq said, "I always enjoy falling with Miraz, I always like it, and a lively companion is a very funny character, a player like this is always nice in this area, it seemed like he was banging with two hundred and I was just in the fold.It is always nice to his company.I always said there was enough potential.This emphasis and trust is his biggest thing.Many times this may be a bad shot but today's batting may be the most important player in the country and in the next few days, trying to tell them everything. "

During this time, Mushfiq provided an example of a sense of play in the game. Mushfiq said that he himself knew the lack of crash. If you make a mistake in the launch, you can understand it immediately.

Mushfiq said, "The next thing, but he knows everything, it was seen that the ball was playing away from the body and then he said," Brother, you seem to have played from afar. "I said," You know everything you play "But he has the potential." Another big thing about our cricket is also a very funny boy, and I always enjoy being routed with him. "

Today he gained double double centuries with Mirage, but last year mushfiq skipped his century for the same player in the Galle Test. Miraj returned to release with 41 runes in 40 miles. Mushfiqur also had to stop 85 runs after he could not join any other party.

That day was not a hundred and fifty or Mushfiq, but they are both today. Mushfiqur got two goals and Miraz got his second half And not only that, Miraj was also with Miraj's first FIFA in the Hyderabad test in 2016.

Mushfiq said that it is easy to dive with Miraz in this respect. However, from this experience of Gaul Test, he for the first time warned Miraz that if Miraj gets up to two hundred on the goal, Miraz will be there.

Mashupik remembered the pair with Miraz, who said, "I was with him on two legs, and about 45 years ago, in this match I missed a hundred years for him (he laughs), and afterwards he never met. he told me that at least I had two hundred, what I said and a great player, no doubt another big name for our cricket. "


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