If you wish, you can change TV channels

Newsweek November 12, 2015, 16:26:16

Dhaka: The Samsung brand is quite old on the TV market. People with everyday life bring televisions with sophisticated technology and make everyone look at television. Now an electronic giant is working with software that will allow the TV to work hard. If you want, you can automatically change the channel.

This work can be done with help from the brain. The brain monitoring sensor and eye tracking hardware will be used to create software. Switzerland is working on software This team is working with a team of researchers. Project named after the Pontes project

With the help of the system, chain switches and increasing volume can be carried out without the touch of a hand. Although there is no laziness when using this technology.

Software is being prepared with an emphasis on those who have no hands or people can not move. Nor was it known whether it would be commercially released. Previously, the brain game Mindfull also met. But analysts believe that Samsung's technology will be much stronger and stronger.

The project is still at an early stage. The prototype version of the device will be tested next year by Samsung.

Newsguy / S Datta

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