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Is Mongolia a big obstacle over Bangladesh?

The girls will fight against Mongolia. Photo: Prothom Alo

Opponent of Bangladesh today, Mongolia, in the fight against the U-19 Bangamata International Gold Cup Final. The match starts at 18:00 at Bangabandhu National Stadium. The game will be broadcast live on the first bright Facebook page.

Bangamata International Gold Cup The semester in the second semester today will play against girls of Bangladesh girls. Although Mongolia is not an unknown opponent of football in football, foreigners for girls. The national boys team played two games against Mongolia in the 2001 qualifying match, but the Golam girls Rabbani Chawla didn't play against the team at any stage before. Against this "unknown" opponent, women in Bangladesh have confidence in themselves and lots of "homework"!

Yes, after watching two games in the Mongolia group, we did our homework, the coach chose a young man in two games against Mongolia in the group stage. "How much work will be done at Bangabandhu National Stadium tonight, depending on Misrat Jahan season Final Tickets

From the start of the tournament, the season of hot favorites to seasonal, Sanjida Akhtar. Although Bangladesh does not play spectacular football, Bangladesh has two semi-finalists to win the semifinals. A Bangladesh coach, Golam Rabbani, who did not consider the Mongol as a major obstacle before moving to the tournament title in his tournament, said: "Mongolia girls are watching TV. We also saw sitting in the field. They are a very strong team. The game is well semi-finals. But our girls will play just like the last two games. Best wins. & # 39;

All coaches who want to win in the field also have the ability of Bangladesh. But for two days Bangladesh did not push the air into the camp. Siraj Jahan Swapna and Krishna Rani Sarker, one of the team's best players, injured themselves. Today, they will see two victories against the UAE, Marzia and Sajeda. In the previous game against Kyrgyzstan, these two substitutes were also remedied by eleven adjustments.

On the other hand, no matter how unknown Mongolia is with the Bangladeshi Corps, their Japanese coach Qawmoto Naoco is a well-known rival to Bangladesh. With the Maldivian coach in the 2016 SA games, he had experience with standing in front of Bangladesh. In this match Bangladesh won a big gap. Today, however, Mongolia faces an impending threat to Bangladesh before it comes out, "Bangladesh is one of the favorite tournament favorites." We have a good idea about them. I played against them during the Maldives coach. Even if we lost service. However, I hope that everyone will see a contest.

Mongolia is absolutely new in girls' football. But statistics say they are in power. Their main national team won the 3-2 victory against Northern Marines in their first international match last year. Joy got a chance against Guam in the second match. The third of the last AFC U-19 qualifiers was lost to Hong Kong. In other words, the performance of Mongolia by Ashajaganiya at the beginning of the girls' soccer tour It also proves that it is home to Tajikistan in the semifinals of the Bangamata U-19.

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