Jaya-Arindam mess! …- 708937 | Kaler Kantho

In 2013 she began to work in Calcutta with Aura. Bangladesh actress from director Arindam Shila at the same time Later, Joya has also shown other photos of Arindam & Eagal Eyes.

After Arindam, Jaya worked opaar with many operators in Bengal, but the relationship with Arindam was always different. But the question marks were questioned by Arindam's remark. On November 26, Daily Sangbad said: "Jawa seems to have done something in her face." She made it clear in plastic surgery.

Arindam was asked for his favorite heroine. To answer, he held Jaya in two numbers. But above all, Jaya was always at the top of my choice. In an interview with Kaler he spoke in March this year, Arindam said, "Tallygunj is the number one heroine."

What happened suddenly? In the north, the director said the operation was on hand. Arindam did not notice too much In a conversation on 28 November that same day, he said, "I can not answer the words I said to a person who came to this industry with the taste of a man." "Bijoya" will be released in January. Hopefully he will change his own statement, and he could also look at the king who was king, and if he changes his statement after seeing these two pictures, I will feel. "

Arindam talked about some acting surgery in his interview. But they did not mention the name of someone. Jaya also surprised: "I saw that he also expressed similar doubts about two actresses, but he did not say it, I was surprised."

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