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Kedarnath is released forward. Sarah Ali Khan debuts in Bollywood with director Abhishek Kapoor. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh's daughter go to screen with actor Sushanta Singh Rajput. Before the release of "Kedarnath" Sarah began to promote the film with great enthusiasm.

Sarah said she always wanted to play a role. But my mother (Amrita Singh) would never say that. During her studies at Columbia University, she told her mother about her mother's wishes. But Amrita Singh, who, after seeing this weight, at that time was Sarah weighing 96 pounds. Sitting for the expectation of acting. Finally, at the end of the last year, Amrit Singh ordered her a regular body workout for her weight loss. At that time Kareen Kapoor Khan also introduced the whole thing.

If Sarah comes to acting, she will become one of the Bollywood stars. Such a belief was in Karin So Sarah took care of her all the time, trying to lead her, Bebo. Saif's daughter said it. And not only that, Saif Ali Khan was not with them, but he always got his father's help.

Sarah said that Saif was standing beside him, like Baba needed him. Saif, who has always tried his daughter, can take a seat in Bollywood. He also said it
Sarah, along with her father, mother and groom, also brought the subject of Ibrahim and Timura.

He said, Taimur is very small. He expects to soon grow up. Besides, Ibrahim is only 18 years old. But Ibrahim and Timur are not anyone in Dushtama. Just like a mother, he and Ibrahim are all connected with the same fiber. Their relationship is as strong as the relationship between the actress "Kedarnath".

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