Kohli’s unborn child is a cheap thorn in the eye of India

Kohli was caught in two consecutive matches in the T20 series against Australia. After Kohli missed Darcy Short’s catch in the first game, the question arose as to whether Kohli had discarded the catch to keep it in the goal area because he wanted to run slowly. Kohli also dropped Matthew Wade today. After the release of this catch, Jadeja made this controversial remark. Explaining Kohli’s discard, Jadeja said, “I don’t think of the Indian team, I think the baby will come!”

The unborn child is expected to come to Virat-Anushka’s house next January. However, since the problem is very sensitive, the Indian audience could not accept Jadej’s joke about it at all. There is a passionate debate about this in the virtual world. Ajay makes Jajeda on Twitter.

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