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Love really escapes after the wedding? … -736452 | Kaler Kantho

The day of the celebration of love takes place all week. Holiday Day, Chocolate Day, Day of Bliss, Day of Promise will be celebrated on the Bratcheller's Day of Love Day.

But only a week of research? And married? After marriage, hobbies, joy, love, nothing will remain?

Many people think that before the wedding is just a friendship with love that all couples put together. After the marriage or all that becomes pale and love. Many of those who married said that after many years of marriage, the husband is similar to the romantic.

Chakravarty's "Mukherjee Dar Ba," the next edition of the Windows Production House. Bandyopadhyay, Asukaya Mazumdar, Vishwanath Basu, Rituparna Sengupta also played. The filmmakers showed how a different day of love before the wedding of Amjdan and the wedding day before the wedding.

Love, love for all girls lives in different dreams And the dream is to provide him with the means to stay alive.

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