Tuesday , June 25 2019
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New name for Shakib-Bubli … – 732180 | Kaler Kantho

She will begin a new film with director Babli Shakib Khan. Popular producer Malik Afsari will direct the film. Yesterday, he said that Kamalapur will start working on a new film from February 15th.

The image name was "password". This name is absolutely perfect with the story. If everything is OK, this name is final. In the movie, Shakib Khan and Bubli will be seen by various lovers. In addition, other actors, including actors and emperors, will be finished. Shakib Khan and Iqbal produce a movie. Let's hope the visitors will like the picture.

Meanwhile, Shakib Khan has already said that work on Kazi Hayat's new film "Bir" will be seen before the new film by SK Films. He said that SK Films will be a new surprise. Bubli said about the new film, the creators of Malik Afsari Gupta will be working with him for the first time. It's really lucky for me. I hope you like the image of the visitors.

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