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Nothing worries about the capital market: the prime minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Photo: Focus Bangla Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said there was nothing going on in the capital market if the necessary steps were taken to stabilize the market. They take action against them and want to play with them.

The Prime Minister said this in the closing speech of the second session of the 11th European Parliament on Tuesday. The Prime Minister welcomed BNP Members to join Parliament.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said: “The shares are very similar to gambling. Those who go to the stock exchange should know that there may be profits, losses may occur. It's not good to get it, and if it doesn't blame the government then it's not right. Those who go to the market will have to consider buying the company's shares. We will not decide whether to buy some shares. You have to buy it yourself. "

The Prime Minister said he was already meeting the people of the Stock Exchange concerned. Measures will be taken to be taken to maintain a stable market. They want the stock market to be stable.

The Prime Minister rejected the possibility of raising the age of government service and said: "If you are 35 years old, you will get 38 years to work. Someone enters employment at the age of 24 and others enter the same job 38. The age difference will be much more. I'm not old. They will go to work at this age. What will they do in mid 24 to 38? They won't even receive full board. On the other hand, 22-24 year olds have more creativity, skills and performance. A regular PSC test is now in progress. “Universities have no meetings. There are some sessions at the National University. Efforts have been made to reduce it. He said you just don't have to move, these things need to be taken into account.

The prime minister said that Bangladesh is in red in a green jersey. However, the ICC objects, it cannot be written in red. Write white. Honors of this dress in international games. It's not like he's a Pakistani jersey.

In terms of militancy, the prime minister said, "Why don't they die alone, who teach religion?" Why not go to heaven before. Why educated young people are pushing forward. They died before they came to heaven.

After Prime Minister Shirin's speech, Sharmin announced the President's statement at the end of the session.

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