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Oishee – Daily Amader Shomoy

"It will be wrong to work. And this is my first movie. I tried to avoid mistakes and they all got in touch with me. We take a lot of work day and night and try to give the viewers a beautiful picture. I believe that all visitors will have the picture happy.

Today, at the press conference & # 39; Mission Extreme & # 39; held at a restaurant in the capital on Monday, Miss World Bangladesh Jannatul Ferdous Oisi said the words.

At the time, the hero of the film Arifin Shuvo said, "Mission Extrem" is not a hero-heroine or a villain centric image. Usually viewers view pictures, the story of the hero-heroine or villain is forward. But every figure of this picture is quite important. The film's story is surrounded by everyone.

Producer Sanani Sanor said: "We shot him in Bangladesh through strict secrecy." Here are two more days of shooting for the rest. I'll work in that part of Rosa. Now we go out of the country Many people wanted pictures or pictures. However, we do not want these issues to be released now. We keep the whole thing as a surprise and keep it up to date. Tell the audience that you won't be disappointed with the picture, it's 100% sure.

The press conference was organized to introduce everyone with Mission Extreme, said film director Sani Sanor and Faisal Ahmed.

All film artists and craftsmen including Arifin Shuvo, Taskin Rahman, actress Jannatul Ferdous Oishee, Sadia Navila, director Sanani Sanwar and Faisal Ahmed were present.

The Story of Extreme Story, Screenplay and Dialogue Written by Sunny Sanour Sophisticated technology for photographic narration, action scenes, and various scenes was used to meet audience needs. They said they were shooting one month from March 20 to April 20. t

The press conference was also informed that "Mission Extreme" was produced by the Metropolitan Police Department of the Police Anti-Terrorist Police (DTC), inspired by the breathtaking CTDC campaign. Photo story writer Sani Sanwar (Super Police, Bangladesh Police) is an experienced member of the police special police force. He inspired his experiences in some practical (real) life and wrote stories about it.

It should be noted that he was also the story writer Dhaka Attak, the first police action thriller in Bangladesh released in 2017. The second shot of "Attack Team" will be "Mission Extreme".

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