Pakistan will not be compensated

The International Cricket Council (ICC), the world governing body, has refused to accept Pakistan's financial loss against India because it has not agreed on bilateral matches.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has rejected a decision by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on a petition filed by the Pakistan Cricket Council (PCB) requesting indemnification against the BCCI, the ICC said in a press release Tuesday. The notice is given in the notification.

The two countries council signed a memorandum of understanding between the six bilateral bands between 2015-2023. Four of these were hosted by Pakistan; PCB has filed a lawsuit against the International Criminal Court for damages of $ 70 million for the ICC if the BCCI does not accept the agreement. The Indian Plaque refused to play serials because of the Indian government's opposition to cold relations with Pakistan.

According to the agreement, six countries are included in both countries, including 14 tests, 30 ODIs and 12 T20 international matches. Originally, India agreed with Pakistan on a compromise agreement to support the Great Three Plan. India, England and Australia, the three best cricket teams, will receive most of the money earned from international cricket under the Big Three system.

India, however, refused to enter into an agreement with Pakistan. They said there was no legal basis for the deal, it was nothing but a piece of paper.

After a terrible terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008, India broke its cricket ties with Pakistan. In this incident, more than 160 people died. After the 2007 Pakistan Series in full series on India, there was no other series between the two teams. Pakistan then traveled around India and played with a limited number of matches, but there was no complete series in the team. From December 2012 to January 2013, the team participated in two ODIs and two Twenty20 matches.

India did not respond even after repeatedly demanding the restoration of tourism between the two sides. In this context, PCB has asked ICC for a $ 70 million compensation.

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