"Phagun is in the air", Tisha and Siam on the way

Impress Telefilm's photo on "Phagun Hawaay", which takes place on the linguistic movement and comes to theaters on February 8

This generation is a popular actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha and Shiam Ahmed But dresses of fifty-year-olds wrapped in them! There is no way to understand the decorations that live at this time! They appeared in the early 90s! But why?

Such questions may not be distorted. I said the first view of the film "Phagun Hawaya" was released under the direction of Tauqir Ahmed. Imagine Telefilm's first poster produced "Phagun Hawaya", which was officially released Friday night at the restaurant, Tisa and Shiam Ahmed, who appeared in the decorated decorations of the fifties, Tisha and Shiam Ahmed

The "Phagun Hawaay", built on the language movement, not only wear, but Tisha and Siam have gathered to protect the quality of the Bengali language! They took the right to talk to Bangla and hold their hands on the streets. Such indications are clear on the first poster of the photo.

In addition to the poster, the release date is also announced. Touqir said that on 8 February, when he came to Bangladesh, Mahasamaroha wanted to release the film. Image Distributor.

The film "Phagun Hawaya" is inspired by the story of "Bai Koch Kao" by Tito Rahman. Except Siam-Tisa in the movie Bollywood actor Yashpal Sharma, Abul Hayat, Afroza Banu, Faruq Hossain, Saju Khadem, Azad Bridge, Hassan Ahmed also play.

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