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Ramesh Powar has practically admitted that he did not have a good relationship with Mithali Raj

Acting Indian coach Ramesh Powar, who practically took on a relationship with Mitali Raj, but on Wednesday, the BCCI has said that a former Indian skipper who was released last week to the world cricket cup in the Twenty20 World Cup, He said he had heard of senior Council officials who maintained regular contact with team teams when choosing a team at the World Championships. Although Powers tweeted at night, he declined his belief tweeting. He said he did not tell counselors on Tuesday.

The agency report stated that Paura had submitted a report to the board, saying that Mitali wanted to leave halfway between the Twenty20 World Cup. The news, writes Poudar in the report, "Let's hope Mitali stops blackmail, stops pushing coaches, always looking at his own interests before the team." Mitali threatens to leave the game before the match in Pakistan to get his order.

On Tuesday, the email sent to Mitali Cole tells him that Powers has been abusing him since the start of the World Championship. With regard to the complaint, the day was called on the Pavarwar board. Powell's CEO, who met with Chief of Staff Rahul Zohri and Chief Executive Officer (cricket operations), Saba Karim, who dealt with the matter, met with two officials, the Pope said.

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"The professional relationship with Mitali was not good," he told the board of directors. Because, according to him, Mitali was very depressed and was not easy to control. "Mitali said in his explosive e-mail that Paurav remained on his way out of West India, when Mattila spoke to him, he did not care about him, looking at the others in the networks, not seeing Mitali's practice, even Mitali's opening opener tried to send the ball into the middle Mitali said: "Some people who tried to escape me." But Sunil Gawaskar stood beside Mitali, saying, "I'm sorry for Mitali."

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The board of directors or member of the selection board, Trupti Bhattacharya, and the Sudha Shah selector, who regularly maintains contact with the board of any influential executive team, works. However, the phone itself did not get it, he said. Mitali also directly complained about Diana in her email. Ramesh said Mithali was excluded from the best-placed team (103.88), according to the vice-chairman of the board, who was unhappy about his coach's explanation for removing Mitali in the semi-final against England. Besides, he did not want to beat the winning combination.

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