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Razzaq wants a metro station in the name of: Shakib Khan

Razzak and Shakib Khan > In the Tejgaon capital, enter FDC 3 and 4 into your mouth. The law was a huge meeting on Tuesday night to go this way. The second-color dresses are Habitat dance artists. It has become known, the third floor Shakib Khan film shoots the song. Rupasajakakse was in shock. He talked to him. There are many plans for the film, mention of FDC and many artists. Shakib Khan said: "The personality of the country's greatest filmmaker is one and a half years of his death, and there is no official government initiative to keep his contribution memorable, the name of the film should be named after every trip in the capital. FDC, this station should be named Nayakraj Razzak, we want it.

It is revealed that Shakib Khan is filming the song "Shahhen Shah" for the past two days at FDC. Indian father Yadav choreographed the song. Savvy-controlled music and Kanha and Savvy's music gave a voice

Nayakraj Razzak acted as film production and control. His productions and director films have been successful. Shakib Khan said, "Once we had the effect of a foreign film, Razzak Sahib came in." Razakak made his appearance to an audience in Bangladesh, becoming a favorite hero of all sorts of acting talents, and he is still alive to all of the legend that keeps people remembering his creations. At the same time, it is necessary to take some initiative in the governmental form, and I will ask the government to name the station name in the name of Nayakraj Razzak from the railway station.

Later, Tollygunge Metro Station in Kolkata is called "Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Metro Station". Shakib Khan said: "A good image of Uttam Kumar in Tollygunge is written with" Uttam Kumar Metro Station. "Now a metro Rail is underway here, and the metro station should be named after Razzak. Every day, thousands of people will know about it, and Razzak will be alive to the next generation. "

Shakib Khan also said, "We can be proud to have a hero of Razzaq, working for the film industry for life, having won awards, including freedom, multiple national awards and many other awards, Razzak should give his respect to the government. or roads, one of the Razzak heroes should be in the presence of FDC.

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