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Rubel's anger over "Happy" …- 725902 | Kaler Kantho

The star pacer of the national team, Rubel Hossain, has expressed anger over the discrepancies in the personal affairs of GTV Cricket. Rubel in the state on Facebook expressed this anger, became a virus.

Cricket related events are being broadcast on the occasion of the ongoing Bangladesh Premier League (BPL). The private TV channel Gazi Television or GTV BPL broadcast live broadcasts, as well as "Cricket Takk," where BPL supporters support their team.

Among the supporters who are on the show set are usually known faces of the audience. The main theme of this event is a laugh about discussions with your own support and opposition team. However, the star of the national team, Rubel Hossain, expressed dissatisfaction with the show.

Recently, Joyragh and Rashed Mamun Apu attended the Cricket Talk ceremony. These two facets of a familiar little canvas appeared as fans of Dhaka Dynamites and Rajshahi Kings.

During the interview, Dhaka Dynamite, Jayaraj Puran, said in Dhaka: "We have ruby, such killing will be happy."

In response, Alal Babu said, "Who will be happy?" Joyraz replied, "People will be happy when the gates are lost in such a way."

At that time the lecturer said, "And people? I think he is happy."

In addition to the followers, Rajshahi said that Mustafiz does not have Mustafiz's cutting rubella in my 14th century.

Here he is "happy" with the word "happy", but the lecturer and guest have indicated the previous story of the ruble. During the last one-day World Cup, there was no debate in the name of Rubel, who took part in the model and actress Naznin Achter Hopi. Rubel, who started his new life in the middle of such a tragedy, is still nervous to get rid of this problem, and this move is nervous.

In his post on his Facebook page Rubel said: "Cricket Takk" is a very good thing (event) on GTV. I personally support it. Those who do it should understand that the whole country and the cricket are watching the whole country. So there will be fun. "

"But because it's a cricket discussion, it should be in cricket itself, but it should not be an insignificant thing that nobody ever told anyone."

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